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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Erin vs. Stairs

Just like we did last year, each FBG is sharing what she loves and doesn’t love so much in this special “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” series as part of Love Yo’Self Week. Feel the love!


Dear Stairs and Stair-Climbing Pieces of Equipment,

Oh, stairs. We go back a ways. From running bleachers at the high school track to running stadium stairs in college to the stairs in my house that I go up and down 20 times a day to the StairMaster at the gym, you are a guaranteed bun-burner. I love you for your benefits, but I also kind of hate you, for oh, the burning sensations. And for that, I must start pulling daisy petals and put it to the test.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Stairs and the StairMaster

She loves me: I love that stairs are cardio that’s not in treadmill form—no matter what form the stairs take.

She loves me not:  That awkward moment when hoisting myself up onto the StairMaster.

She loves me: Oh, the burn.

She loves me not: Oh, the burn.

She loves me: I love that quick break I get at the top before I head down to start over.

She loves me not: Sometimes that quick break just isn’t enough to catch my breath. And sometimes, there’s no break at all (StairMaster, I’m talking to you.)

She loves me: Who doesn’t feel a little like Rocky when they hit the top of a flight of stairs?

She loves me not: It’s hard to feel like Rocky when you’re slowly walking up the StairMaster, going nowhere.

She loves me: There’s always a good view from up high.

She loves me not: I’ve fallen down you a time or two. Or 20.

She loves me: I credit you for a lot of my postpartum weight-loss; running up and down you 10 times a day is not to be overlooked.

She loves me not: You’re exhausting.

She loves me: You’re everywhere, you’re rarely off limits, and you add an interesting element to outdoor workouts when I go say hi.

Ok, that’s it! It’s decided. I’m just not ready to pen a Taylor Swift-style breakup song to you yet. I do love you. Be my Valentine!



Do you have a love/hate with stairs, too? Do you hit them up when you see them during outdoor workouts? —Erin 

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