5 Common Mistakes Guys Make When Being ‘Healthy’

health-mistakes-585We’ve been showing the Fit Bottomed Dudes all kinds of love this week for our fourth-annual FBD Week. And today, we want to drop some more healthy knowledge on ’em! Trying darn near every workout out there, we’ve learned a few things. Been around the healthy living block a time or two (or 100), and, well, we’ve noticed a few tweaks most guys could make to their lives to make them even fitter and healthier. So we FBGs put our noggins together, and here’s what we got: five common things that trip most boys up! (And, ladies, if you’re guilty of any of these, try our solutions!)

5 Mistakes Guys Make When It Comes to Their Health

1. You don’t go to the doctor. It’s a stereotype that dudes don’t like going to the doctor, but it’s one that we’ve found to be pretty darn true. (I’m looking at you, Ryan…)

Solution: If you haven’t been to the doctor in more than a year or have been putting off making an appointment, pick up the phone right now and do it! Preventive visits are legally required to be covered by insurance these days and are a great way to—as the name indicates—prevent any medical issues before they happen. Which may mean fewer doctors’ visits in the long haul. See? It just makes sense to go now!

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  1. Manny says:

    Some truth there, personally I haven’t seen a doctor in about 12 years…still feel great.

  2. I love #2, so many guys at the gym lift about 10x more than they should be just to boost their ego. Good form with lower weight is better than crap form with heavy weight.

  3. Agreed! Going to a doctor is a must!

  4. Shenita says:

    I agree with the #1 mistake that guys usually do, prevention is always better than cure. So, guys must be strong enough to face the doctor whenever they’re feeling unusual within their body. Another one is, a lot of guys tend to lift heavier weight than what they can only handle/lift, it is for them to boost their ego. Men should be aware of the effect that might happen if they keep on practicing this kind of stuff. I agree with what you’ve written regarding the protein shakes, I know a lot of guys who are drinking it because of its effect such as they feel stronger and they feel that they are at good fit whenever they drink this. I believe that these guys must focus on the natural or organic drink for them to become healthier than before. Men should also avoid eating fatty food such as burger, bacon, eggs, hot dogs, and etc. If they wanted to have a good body fit, they should have a healthy diet plan which is to eat more fruits and vegetables. Hope that a lot of men would read this post of yours for them to be aware of their mistakes.

  5. I support #1. Guys never visit the doc unless they are down completely, they tend to brush off issues and health concerns and will only see a Doctor only when in critical state. I am one of the of course 🙂

  6. Marin says:

    This is an absolute true. I could also add an advice to men who are afraid of eating musli and other similar stuff. You should know that fiber is important for cleaning cholesterol and for some other reasons. I have summarized it at this page: http://missishealth.blogspot.com/2013/04/why-you-need-fiber.html


  7. Joe says:

    Yeah, I was definitely doing a lot of #2 in my teen years. This list is so true it’s embarrassing.