A Quick Circuit Workout at Home (Kid Spectators Optional)

Over on Fit Bottomed Girls, we’ve been sharing workouts we do in our new Workout I Did series. Here’s a workout I did while the kids were happily playing one day.


It was a day when going to the gym just wasn’t in the plans. So I made good use of a rare moment when the kids were happily entertaining themselves to do this quick circuit workout. My daughter enjoyed playing along, and as you can see in the image, she also enjoyed making all of her stuffed animals and dolls plank right along with us. Ah, good times being a role model!

This workout looks super simple, and it is. But with no rest between moves, my heart rate got up quickly, and I was sweating in no time. And I was definitely sore the next day.

Circuit 1 (Repeat Three Times)

Move 1. 20 step-ups with lunge. For this move, I used a step stool, but you could also use stairs or a sturdy chair or bench. At the top, I hit a high knee; when I step off, I hit a lunge on the opposite leg. Twenty on each side, and I’m feeling the burn.

Move 2. 10 push-ups

Move 3. 20 squats. For a few of these, I was squatting with a 22+ pound baby!

Circuit 2 (Repeat Three Times)

Hold both of these as long as possible.

Move 1. Plank

Move 2. Wall-sit

This workout probably took me about 15 minutes, including a few kiddo interruptions. But it was quick, required almost no equipment and as I said, had me feeling the burn quickly and for a couple of days later. It also let me know that I have a ways to go in the endurance department when it comes to wall-sits and planks. By round three, I swear I only lasted 20 seconds on each of them!

Do you try to fit in quick workouts at home while your kids are happily playing? —Erin

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  1. KGW says:

    Can you explain C1M1 a little better? I’m having a difficult time picturing the flow. If you could email me with it, that would be happy. Even though I’ve pinned it, my brain has been mush lately. Thanks.

    1. Erin says:

      Sure! So say you’re stepping up to a bench starting with your right leg. You step up with your right, and hit the high knee with your left. As you step back down to the floor, you step with your left and as you step off the bench with your right leg, bring it all the way back so you’re lunging. Does that help? Once you try it, it’ll all make sense. I hope! Ha.