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Changing Pilates With the STOTT PILATES Towel Workout DVD

Pilates Towel Workout

Remember that awesome guy…you know, the one who started the Pilates revolution? Oh yeah, Mr. Joseph Pilates! Well, as the fitness industry has evolved over the years, so has the world of Pilates. I mean, Pilates participation in North America grew 601 percent since 2011! Like what? In fact, 10.7 million people do some sort of Pilates. Incredible, right? Well, Moira Merrithew, the executive director of education and co-founder of Merrithew Health & Fitness (check out our interview with her here!), and her fellow colleagues are going to get YOU involved through a contemporary approach to the original exercise methods called STOTT PILATES.

STOTT PILATES incorporates five basic exercise principles, which make up the foundation of this method. The basic principles include breathing, pelvic placement, rib-cage placement, scapular movement, and head and cervical spine placement. Each part helps restore the natural curves of your spine and re-balance the muscles around the joints. With the philosophy and belief that effective and responsible exercise is the foundation to a better lifestyle, Moira and her crew came out with this strengthening DVD: Pilates Towel Workout for Strength and Mobility.

What I love about a Pilates DVD like this one is that it helps to strengthen you from deep within. I’ve had back issues in the past with all my heavy lifting, and exercises like these that focus on core stabilization and balance can make all the difference when it comes to being in pain and feeling internal strength.

This DVD, which is a condensed program, is wonderful to do at home or when traveling. All you need to grab is a clean towel from your hotel bathroom and head into the bedroom for a quick rejuvenation, especially after those long flights! The 35-minute workout begins with some basic stretches to loosen up the body and help prepare for the exercises ahead. While using a towel to create resistance, support movement and mobilize the joints throughout the body, Moira guides you through each exercise and strengthening movement, leading you closer to a healthier spine and body. With an intense focus on your core, you’ll always be working on keeping your abdominals tight and engaging your mind. Some of the movements, such as leg circles and bridges, lubricate the joints and are a great addition to any warm-up you may include in your daily workouts.

The Pilates Towel DVD comes with some cool bonus features, too, including an informative tutorial that goes over each one of the five basic principles. I suggest taking yourself through each principle before you begin the DVD so that you can get the most out of your workout. Nothing is worse than doing an exercise wrong, or even just going through the motions. There are many benefits to this DVD, but it is in your hands to make sure you get the most out of every exercise.

FBG Rating (Out of 5):
Instruction: ★★★★
Long-Term Likeability: ★★★
Music: ★★
Fun Factor: ★★★
Meets Expectations: ★★★★
Overall: ★★★

Fit Bottomed Line: You’ll need three to four feet of towel to receive all the benefits from this workout, and of course, a desire to better yourself and your body! This DVD is great for beginner level exercisers who want to experience an awesome Pilates DVD. With 25 years of success in the health and fitness industry, they definitely know their stuff!

Have you ever tried a STOTT PILATES DVD before? What were your thoughts? I’d love to try another! —Raquel

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