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Get The Body You Want By Drinking Low-Cal Vodka? Sign Me Up!

low-cal-vodka-585Voli is the latest low-cal vodka to hit the liquor store shelves. Naturally flavor infused, boasting 33 percent few calories than regular vodka, Voli Vodka’s ad campaign targets those folks who lead a healthy lifestyle but who still want to go out clubbing until 3 a.m. AND get up to do their morning workout. You know, the proverbial cake-and-eat-it-too crowd.
We all know that sex sells, so who better to promote Voli Vodka than a pop star? Fergie is one of the spokespersons and actually part owner of the brand. The Voli website pictures her in a sexy swimsuit, drink in hand, living the good life. Gosh, it seems to be working for her. Who wouldn’t want to be talented, fit, glamorous and rich? Heck, you’d have to be crazy not to drink the stuff!
Eager to embrace the Voli lifestyle, I trotted off to the nearest pub. (Oh, the sacrifices one must make in the name of FBE!) I have to admit they offer an enticing if not a sort of girly variety: raspberry cocoa, orange vanilla, espresso vanilla, lemon and original. The bartender mixed me up a delightful concoction using the raspberry cocoa vodka, chocolate coconut water and a bit of agave nectar. Served in a martini glass with three skewered raspberries, it sure looked the part of a sexy cocktail and definitely remained on the light side with a whopping count of approximately 50 calories! It was very smooth and chocolaty, but a little too sweet for my taste.
Forging on, I ordered a shot of the espresso vanilla on the rocks. A nice little sipper, it didn’t last long. I figured I could squeeze in one more before hitting my wall, so I opted for the lemon vodka/club soda combo. Definitely more my style, but something was lacking. Then it hit me—I could keep on drinking! My buzzometer was not satisfied.
There lies the crux of the problem. In order to get a lower-calorie but delicious-tasting vodka, something had to go. And in this case it was the alcohol content. Voli’s alcohol content is 25 percent less than regular vodka. So if I keep on drinking to get the same result (read buzz here), those little calories are going to start to add up and the only thing getting skinnier will be my wallet.
Don’t get me wrong; I am not against lower-alcohol vodka if that’s what you are after. There are plenty of occasions when it could behoove a gal to cut back: a first date, cocktails with a potential client or when trying to navigate those 5-inch heels, but to base your beverage decision on a caloric deficit of 12 to 16 per drink seems a wee bit silly.
Fit Bottom line: If you are in pretty good shape, you don’t owe any of your success to what you drink—it’s more likely what you don’t drink, unless we are talking water. My opinion, stick to what your taste buds are telling you, and drink whatever it is you like. Just keep it in moderation.
How does your favorite adult beverage stack up? Do you favor quality over quantity or vice versa? —Karen

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