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It’s Raw! It’s Vegan! It’s Protein! It’s Superfood!

Spirulina? Sprouted chia seeds? Hemp protein? Seriously, not much fills my health-foodie self with more delight than these ingredients. (Okay, clearly kale and coconut are in the running, too, but you know what I mean!) Insanely nutritious and fantastic at making you feel good (isn’t that really the whole point of eating right?), I love these ingredients. So when Oriya Organics came knocking on our email door, asking us to try its new Superfood Protein Medley powder that is made up of said ingredients plus sprouted brown rice protein and chlorella (also awesome), we accepted with enthusiasm. And then promptly whipped up a bunch of these for taste tests.
As you’ll notice, we like our smoothies green with lots of spinach or kale. But, a scoop of the Superfood Protein Medley definitely adds even more green to both the color and the taste. The stuff tastes pretty natural, so if you’re not into that, be sure to blend it with some juice and maybe a frozen banana. However, we liked ours with a handful of spinach, a small English cucumber, some coconut milk, water and a couple strawberries and a small handful of frozen blueberries. The result was a thick shake that tasted, like we said, quite green and healthy. And side note: stick to just one scoop of this protein powder in your smoothie. If you do more than that it gets really chalky—and begins to taste too green even for us. And we like our algae.
Now, let’s talk nutrition. One 25-gram serving of the Superfood Protein Medley provides 18 g of protein, 3 g of fiber, 53 mg of chlorophyll, 450 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, 34 mg of vitamin C, 4717 IU of vitamin A, 7 mg of iron, 14 IU of vitamin E and 330 percent of your vitamin K for the day. Not to mention that the one-serving scoop has only 100 calories. Holy nutrition!


As one might imagine, a 21-ounce container of this stuff isn’t cheap (none of the uber-healthy stuff is—but you really get what you pay for!) at about $42. But if you’re looking for a protein powder that’s raw, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, organic and pumped up with superfoods—and don’t mind a bit of a natural taste in your smoothies like we do—this is it!
Do you look for your protein powders to have more than just protein in them? What’s your favorite added superfood? —Jenn

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