The Movie That Motivates Me to Be Fitter (and Get My Groove on)

Just look at those strong arms!

Just look at those strong arms!

Seeing that we’re all still abuzz from the Oscars, we thought that for this Question of the Week we’d keep the movie-love going by asking each FBG: What movie motivates you to be fitter? Enjoy the responses, and be sure to leave your own fave fit movie in the comments!

There are so many good answers to this question. So many. And I’m super excited to see what flicks the other girls pick, but I knew—right from the moment we decided on this question—what my answer would be: How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Have you seen this movie? It’s amazeballs.

First, Taye Diggs is in it and is, like, jaw-droppingly hot. Second, it’s in Jamaica (which I love even more now that I’ve been there!). And third—and most importantly—Angela Bassett is a beast in it. And I mean that in the best, I-want-to-be-her way possible. She is just ripped and strong. And 40 years old. And, again, having a fling with Taye Diggs in tropical paradise. (Yes, I know the story goes far beyond just that, but, really, my favorite part is the first half before all the seriousness goes on.)

She confidently rocks a swimsuit. She settles into herself by loosening up and dancing and laughing and not taking herself so seriously. She eats healthy food. She goes running—and super fast. She stands up for herself. She’s loyal and loving to the people in her life. AND, she has strong and cut arms that even Michelle Obama would covet. Seriously.

Any time I pop this movie in (which is at least a couple times a year—I own the DVD), I always feel inspired to run a little faster and lift a little heavier. Which is why, of all the movies out there, it’s the No. 1 flick that motivates the heck out of me! (And makes me want to go back to Jamaica.)

Have you ever watched a movie and instantly been inspired enough to bust out some push-ups or go for a run? Does How Stella Got Her Groove Back do it for you, too? —Jenn

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  1. jay says:

    What about that old favorite Rocky and all the many and various follow ups? I havent actually seen Stella so its on my dvd list now thanks.

  2. Anything that motivates people to exercise is great!

  3. Prin says:

    Seriously Bring it on #1!!!! Reminds me of better days and makes me workout harder!!!

  4. I’m a sucker for a good dance-off movie. They totally get my blood pumping!

  5. Jane says:

    Just love to exercise!

  6. Jodi says:

    Blue Crush does it for me. When Kate Bosworth pounds out those pull-ups on a bar between two palm trees, and runs underwater carrying a rock and with her friend holding onto her shoulders…damn.

  7. Shola says:

    G. I. Jane! The first time I saw her shave her head, I cried and then I wanted to workout with her. Her determination was so inspiring!

  8. Tywana says:

    Ha!! I was coming to cast my vote for G. I. Jane and someone beat me to it!!! I instantly want to do pushups when I see it!!! Yea, I love it!!!!