Workout I Did: The Lengthy ‘I Got Lost’ Walk

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Not every workout has to be a planned trip to the gym or predetermined lineup of exercise moves. Sometimes, the best workouts are the ones that are unplanned or ones that do double duty, like Jenn’s recent snow-shoveling workout. I recently got more than I’d bargained for on what should have been a really quick walk.

It should have been about a quarter-mile round trip. The plan was to drop off my taxes while the kids got some fresh air. The office was nearby, so I loaded up the kids in the double stroller and took off. Because it was such a short trip, I didn’t think much of the bitter cold and wind. We wouldn’t be gone long!

So I was walking down the street…kept telling the kids, “It’s just up on the left!” and “We’re almost there!” and “It won’t be so cold on the way back because we won’t  be walking into the wind!” All the while thinking to myself, “Are we there yet?” and “Really…where is this damn place?” But I kept pushing on. Kept pushing in the wrong direction.

When my legs and arms started burning because I was pushing 55+ pounds of kids in a tank of a stroller into the wind, I decided to check my phone to make sure I was on the right track. I wasn’t. I was on the wrong street, a block over from where I needed to be and I’d gone way too far. My quick errand quickly turned into a real workout.

I eventually got there. Dropped taxes off. And got home, with freezing cold kids in tow. But I was reminded that walking can be a serious workout, especially when you’re hauling cargo. What is it with me hauling cargo lately? My hamstrings were even sore the next day.

So just remember: Don’t discount the awesome activity you get every day, even if you’re not suiting up for a “real” workout. A “little walk” can also have great benefits!

Had any unintentional workouts lately like I have? —Erin


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  1. Ha, I’ve had more than a few chilly unintentional workouts like that, as a Minnesotan bike/bus commuter.
    Although sometimes I like to turn errands into a little workout of their own. Yesterday I needed to stop by Walgreens for a couple little items, so I literally ran errands. I’ve also been known to toss some heavy books in a backpack when I’m going on a nature walk. Might look a little weird, but it’s a great way to simulate backpacking without actually having to leave the city!

  2. I think we have all had those walks after the bus lol. I live in a remote comunity in the hills of Western Australia and if I miss the last bus which is at 6.30pm I have a 3 hr walk 🙁 Im just happy my Dad drives and can pick me up!!

  3. I’m glad things turned out okay-I swear it’s the one time you dont take a jacket that it gets windy and/or you end up out of the house for longer than anticipated.: (

    I totally love this idea-the little walk that turns into the lengthy lost walk-when this has happened to me, I swear, seeing new sights and neighborhoods has taken my mind right off all the walking I end up doing. I swear, I’m adding the ‘Lengthy lost’ workout to my regimen this year. New neighborhoods here we come.

  4. Actually I do this on a daily basis. Instead of taking the bus, I nearly walk everywhere as a way of combining my exercise with my daily chores.

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  6. “Sometimes, the best workouts are the ones that are unplanned”

    I have to agree. Planned workouts are great and necessary to keep you focused, but after a while they can get – boring and regimented.

    That’s why being spontaneous or when life throws a curl ball your way – in the guise of a train strike – that staying fit and healthy can be just as rewarding.