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3 Healthy Spring Reads: Fiction, Non-fiction and Jillian Michaels!

The weather has been so gloriously springy lately that I really want to do nothing more than go for a run, then come back and sit in the sunshine with a good book and a big ol’ glass of iced tea. Or coconut water. Or—who am I kidding?—wine. And if you’re interested in some new healthy reads to do just that, here are three healthy books that have caught our eyeballs!


The Very First Bite

We always review non-fiction up in here, so we thought it would be fun to check out this novel about a woman who has just 10 weeks to mentally and physically prepare for her high school class reunion. It reminds me of a Bridget Jones’s Diary novel, but The Very First Bite by Cynthia Langston is even more centered on dieting and weight—and, there is a lot of dieting mentality in it that isn’t FBG-approved, but is kind of humorous (similar to this book). While you follow the main character Lanie Albers’ development, there’s a little romance, some talk about friendships, and, overall, it’s a fun, light read.


A unique take on why some of us are more prone to emotional eating.

A unique take on why some of us are more prone to emotional eating.

Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much

Many diet books say the same old thing in just slightly different ways. But Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much by intuitive counselor, life coach, motivational speaker and author Colette Baron-Reid is truly a unique program to help beat emotional eating. Baron-Reid contends that the hidden cause of weight gain for many of us is actually empathy overload. Like the title says, some people just feel too much and don’t know how to deal except to overeat.

The book takes readers through an in-depth and detailed eight-week program to help with said feelings and learn to have a healthier relationship with food, the body—and others. With practical exercises, goals and some pretty hippity-dippity recommendations (tapping, certain sea salts—consider yourself warned!), it’s a unique read that’ll have you seeing your life in new ways.


slim-for-lifeSlim for Life

Put Jillian Michaels on a cover and we’re interested. Combine Jillian with the words “insider secrets,” and we are so, so digging into a book. Which is exactly what we did with Slim for Life: My Insider Secrets to Simple, Fast, and Lasting Weight Loss. And while there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about the book, it offers simple, practical and livable solutions to being healthy—forever.

Written in Jillian’s straight-shooting tone that we adore, there’s no gimmicks or cheesy hooks. Just hundreds of simple things that you can start doing today to be healthy. Definitely not a “diet” book, this is a lifestyle book that you can personalize to fit your own life. Love it!

What are you reading this spring to inspire you to be healthier? Any of these? —Jenn

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