A Royal Pregnancy Workout Fit for a Princess

Royal Pregnancy Baby Bootie Camp Workout


Push-Ups on Incline

Move 7: Push-Ups on Incline.  Do push-ups with hands on a step (to provide room for the belly) and placing arms wide with elbows over wrists when you go down to the floor. Do 10 to 20 reps. If you experience carpal tunnel symptoms, replace push-ups with supported chest flys or use a bench press at the gym, so that you are not lying flat on your back.



One-arm Reverse

Move 8: One-arm Reverse. Get into a right lunge stance, hold one light weigh with your left hand. Lift the back of your hand out and up to the sky, keeping the arm straight. Support yourself with your right hand on your right leg. Repeat for 15 to 20 times and switch sides.


Alternating Arm and Leg Extensions

Move 9: Alternating Arm and Leg Extensions. Get on the floor on all fours, knees under hips and wrists under shoulders. Extend the right arm. If you can balance, extend the left leg back at the same time. Hold for 4 seconds and breathe. Switch sides and repeat 10 times. (Note: Do opposite side arms and legs together, not same side.)

Move 10. Supported Elevator Lunges. I call these elevator lunges because your feet stay put and your quads and glutes work while bending your knees to lift you up and down like an elevator, not forward and back like an escalator.

Stand next to a wall with your right hand on the wall for balance (pregnant princesses can get wobbly from time to time, and we wouldn’t want to fall). Stand with legs shoulders width apart. Move your right leg in front of you and left leg back, so that both legs are about one leg’s length distance from each other. This is the lunge stance (seen in Move 8). Bend your right knee so that you lower toward the ground, making sure the knee doesn’t go past your ankle. Straighten your knee to lift you back up but keep the legs apart in the lunge stance. Raise up and down 10 to 15 times. Repeat this on with the left leg in front.

A big thanks to Nikki for a workout mamas-to-be and any mom can fit into her busy schedule, including royalty! —Erin

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