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The Little Tool That Can Help Your Cooking and Healthy Eating: A Good Kitchen Scale

All throughout college, I had a dinky little food scale. Cheap, not sophisticated and not all that reliable (kind of like my choice in beer, come to think of it!), there was a lot lacking. And, although I had read how great food scales are, I never really got it because mine probably wasn’t even worth $5. Fast forward to today though—a couple of months after testing the EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale—and I am whistling a new tune, drinking a new (better!) beer and loving my food scale. Loving it!
The Precision Elite is large enough without being cumbersome and is perfect for everyday tasks from weighing food to monitoring calories and portion sizes (just see how big that piece of steak is—bet it surprises you!). For just $35, you get  accurate measurement of ingredients with a simple, sleek design that fits well in any kitchen. You can toggle between different measurements, easily tare, and it’s backlit, so even if you happen to be cooking in the dark (or maybe by candlelight?), you can always read it. It holds up to 15 pounds, too. (Although putting your toy dog on isn’t recommended.)
Now, I’ve had to weigh my ingredients every now and again for a recipe, but when I went gluten-free? Oh, buddy. With all of the different flours and ingredients—many of which are ground differently or vary greatly by brand—weighing when baking or cooking is more of a must than “recommended.” And when I spied this amazing new recipe by Stuft Mama for Grain Free Microwave Pizza crust? I knew I had to try it—with my new scale, of course!
So I set up my iPad with the recipe, and got to making grain-free pizza dough. (Seriously, Stuft Mama: You astound me with your culinary microwave creativity!) I tripled her recipe, so that I could have one pizza and Ryan could have two.
I oh-so carefully measured my almond and coconut flour. So stinkin’ easy. I really love how few buttons are available. Simple yet effective kitchen scale, where have you been all my life?
It mixed together into a pretty egg-yolky color.
And then I busted out another one of my faves—coconut oil cooking spray! I’m obsessed with this stuff.
coconut oil cooking spray
Sprayed this on a plate. Spread out the dough on it, and then in it went to get zapped in the microwave.
After, it’s pretty much cooked! Repeat that with two more plates.
Then place on a baking sheet…
Get your desired toppings cut and ready! We went with TJ’s pizza sauce (duh), olives and green pepper. It was just what we had in the fridge, but a good combo nonetheless.
Aren’t they cute all “dressed” and ready to go?
You bake ’em, melt the cheese (mine is the one sans cheese) and then the rest is pretty self explanatory, right?
Eat! And thank the EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale for allowing you to do such a yummy grain-free pizza so easily and Stuft Mama for the recipe. Ya’ll rock.
Do you have a food or kitchen scale? How often do you use yours? More or less than you used to? —Jenn

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