Feline Fitness: Find the Right Kind of Play for Your Kitty

Trixie gives Kristen a little kitty sugar (which is totally fine in moderation, right?).
Trixie gives Kristen a little kitty sugar. (Which is totally fine in moderation, right?).

A few months ago, we brought home a 2-year-old rescue cat named Trixie. She’d had a rough start in life, and my husband and I wanted to make up for it. So, in addition to bringing her home, we also brought home about $60 worth of toys. Which were added to the plethora of toys and scratchers and goodies we still had from our late cat, Meeko, who’d passed away several months earlier.

And you know what Trixie’s favorite toy turned out to be? My hair ties. The thick ones. She can’t get enough.

(This shouldn’t have been so surprising. Meeko was exceedingly fond of crinkled up paper and cared for little else.)

So, why am I writing about my cat’s penchant for hair elastics on a fitness site? Here’s the deal: Lots of people worry about canine fitness. They take their dogs for walks and play fetch all the time. But what about your kitty? What are you doing to keep her fit and healthy? That’s the question we want to pose for today’s Fit Bottomed Pets’ Week post!

The fact is, many pet owners don’t interact with their cats as much as they could. Playtime = exercise, and considering how many pet cats are overweight or obese, well, let’s just say we should all be focusing a little more on kitty playtime.

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  1. My husband is an active duty Marine. They use boot bands to blouse their pants. My cats love stealing his boot bands out of his boots to play with. We find them all over the house. He is constantly having to buy more.