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Getting Toasty With My Bright Orange Thomas’ Toaster

Bright orange appliances have a spot in my heart.

I think I’ll call him Thomas, for obvious reasons.

Buying appliances—even small ones—has always been a tough decision for me. How much should I spend? Do I really need that special feature? Will I really use it as much as I think I will? And, perhaps the toughest question of them all: What color should I get it in?
When I got my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (that’s a Healthy Obsession post in and of itself!), this was a BIG question. After all, you pretty much buy one of those and have it for life. And I wanted mine to be a fun color—but not one that I’d look back on in 10 years and wonder what the heck I was thinking. So I toiled over the color a lot. White seemed too plain and, at the time, our kitchen was far from being all stainless steel. So, I decided to go with one of Ryan and I’s wedding colors: orange.
We got the mixer as a wedding gift from my parents (to this day, I still thank them for this heck of a gift—and we always use it when baking our holiday cookies!), so going with orange just seemed to fit. Orange is also Ryan’s favorite color—and it gave me that fun pop of color that I wanted in my kitchen. Plus, even 50 years down the road when it’s terribly out of fashion, I can always treasure the nostalgic hue of it. (Also, fun side note: I named it Bert. I love naming my kitchen appliances.)
So imagine my DELIGHT when Thomas’ sent me a new Cuisinart toaster out of the blue (or orange) last week. Besides being a dang cool toaster (the one I had before was a $19.95 Target special circa 2004, so this was a serious upgrade), it was ORANGE. It’s like they knew. They so knew. (Yes, I know Thomas’ brand colors are orange and black, but I still think they knew.)
So I’ve been having a ball lately, toasting up English muffins, Everything Bagel Thins and Mini-Bagels, plus some new gluten-free bread products I’ve been trying out. And it’s so fun to have another matching orange appliance in my kitchen! Almost like I planned it…Bert has a buddy!
Do you have any funky colored small or large kitchen appliances? Do you name them? Or think I’m totally cuckoo for naming inanimate objects (you wouldn’t be the first…)? —Jenn

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