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Hate Running? Good News for You!

hate-running-585If you’ve been here before, you know I don’t consider myself much of a runner. Sure, I run on occasion—and even run (and love) the occasional race—but as far as workouts, I’m much more drawn to other activities. Running certainly isn’t my preferred method of getting fit—I’d much rather hit the streets with my kids to walk the neighborhood to get in a little exercise, throw in a workout DVD, or hit up a Pilates class.

I’ve always liked taking walks, whether it was with Jenn over lunchtime when we worked in the same building or with my roomie at college. But I feel like walking doesn’t get the credit it really deserves as a way to get fit. Running seems to get all the respect. And while it deserves respect, so does walking! If you push yourself, it really is an excellent cardio workout. Plus, with walking, I don’t have to worry about my stupid knees hurting or getting shin splints.

Because I believe so wholeheartedly in the walk, I was excited to see this bit of research that a brisk walk may be as good as a run for keeping the heart healthy. Basically, a new study just published by the American Heart Association found that walkers lowered their risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as runners. It seems to matter more that you move, rather than how you move.

So for those who think they’re out of luck because they can’t run or don’t want to run—you don’t have to! Find something you love, whether it’s walking or running or gyrating your hips in your living room. Most importantly, just move. And when you walk, walk with pride. You’re still doing fab things for your bod!

Do you walk often? Or do you think it’s not a workout unless you break into a jog? —Erin

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