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My Fitness Spirit Animal: The Cat

In honor of last week’s Fit Bottomed Pets Week, for this rather humorous Question of the Week, we’re answering the question: What’s your fitness spirit animal? 

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So I had mad stress trying to figure out what animal I was. A friend suggested I should choose a cheetah because I like to run and I have big hair like Cheetara from Thunder Cats. I cracked up over that one, but big hair and an affinity for cardio wasn’t enough to make me see spots. I needed to find my true animal, like Erin and Jenn were able to do.

I tried out the spider because I have long limbs that gave me the nickname “Mama Long Legs” as a child. Plus Mark’s last name is Arana which means spider in Spanish. But it still wasn’t enough for my fitness finesse. That’s when it hit me: I’m a cat! Which is TOTALLY weird because I’m not a fan of cats at all. (I’m allergic as all get out!) Of course, I would pick an animal that brings on hives and itchy eyes for me.

Why My Fitness Spirit Animal Is a Cat

1. They’re finicky; I’m a picky one, too. I might not be a fan of cats rubbing up against my legs, but I’m super finicky like the feline species. When I don’t like something, I really don’t like it, but when I do like something I LOVE it. Jenn’s always trying to get me to try something new, but when I’ve made up my mind that it’s not my bag, it’s really hard to get me to budge. I’ll leap from time to time, but for the most part I’m a cautious one.

2. The Cheshire Cat always had a creepy grin; I get called out for smiling in class all the time. I don’t know why it’s a big deal, but whenever I smile in a workout class the instructor always calls me out for it like I’ve just done something uber creepy. I can’t help it, though. When workouts are fun, when the energy is pumping, I am a happy darn camper and I grin from ear to ear.

3. Cats don’t have a sweet tooth; I’ve never been a fan of candy. I know it’s weird, but I’ve never been a fan of candy. It makes me literally sick to my stomach. I get this hot rush in my veins, and I start to go jittery. When I was a child my mom was clever enough to tell me vegetables were candy, and I ate that lovely little lie up like it was nobody’s business. To this day, when I have the munchies I reach for vegetables.

4. Cats and cow’s milk don’t mix; I’m lactose intolerant. I’m sure everyone assumes cats will drink any sort of milk, but they’re actually a lot like me. One sip of the moo-moo juice and their stomachs are on fire. Up until my alkaline challenge, I’d still sneak some dairy here and there and worry about the consequences later. Now I stay away from it all. I once went to the hospital because I had consumed a small strawberry milkshake. It’s not worth it anymore.

So what fitness spirit animal are you most like? Does it happen to be an animal you don’t really dig? —Tish

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