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My Fitness Spirit Animal: The Giant Panda


I’m a panda. Hear me out… Credit: kevin dooley

In honor of Fit Bottomed Pets Week, for this rather humorous Question of the Week, we’re answering the question: What’s your fitness spirit animal? Bear with us a moment…

I cracked up when I learned our Question of the Week was about fitness spirit animals. Come on, that’s just funny in and of itself. Then when I read Jenn’s fitness spirit animal post, I texted her saying, “You really ARE a squirrel!” So then I got set to thinking about my fitness spirit animal. And it’s gotta be the giant panda.

Okay. I know pandas aren’t exactly known for their fit forms, but bear with me. (HAR! HAR! Seriously, that made me laugh.) I know my pandas. I spent ridiculous amounts of time watching the Atlanta Zoo panda cam when Mei Lan was born in 2006, so seeing the similarities was a no-brainer.

Why My Fitness Spirit Animal is a Giant Panda

1. They love to play. Watch a panda mom and her cub, and there is considerable rough and tumble play. They’ll play with each other, play with balls, flip off of hammocks, wrestle. They slide at the playground. They make the most of what they’ve got and know that being active doesn’t always have to be a “workout.” As for me, I’m always rolling around with my kids, throwing balls, pushing tricycles because someone won’t pedal, and running and goofing around with them. I’ve even been known to hit the slide, too.

2. They’re not known for their speed, but stay active in other ways. I’m no runner, but I’m a slow and steady wins (finishes) the race kind of gal. The panda will never enter any speed contests, but they can really move when they want to.

3. They eat copious amounts of leafy greens. Seriously, these fluffy buggers spend half their days eating bamboo. Likewise, it’s illegal the amounts of salad, Brussels sprouts, kale and asparagus that I can pack away.

4. They have surprising talents. Pandas are actually excellent climbers and are not too shabby at swimming either. Myself, I enjoy a good set of stairs, a nice steep hike and a good jungle gym. I don’t do so terrible in the pool either. And to my surprise, I’m even adequate on skis, even though I can’t manage to stand on my own two feet sometimes. Come to think of it, pandas have that problem, too.

5. Eats half the day. I could eat half the day.

See? I told you there are definite similarities. I’ve actually yet to see a panda in real life, but I’m pretty sure when I do, I’ll have a Kristen Bell style reaction. And I’ll probably sit and stare for at least an hour, even if the panda is just sleeping. I do that pretty well, too…reason No. 6!

Do you love a good panda cam? What’s your fitness spirit animal? —Erin

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  1. Tish says:

    God how I love the Kristen Bell reaction to the sloth lol. GETS ME EVERY TIME!

  2. Matt G says:

    How cute does that Panda look, just posing for the photo while munching on a bamboo shoot? It’s like he knows what’s going on!

  3. Aimee says:

    My fitness spirit animal would have to be the Cheetah. Has anyone ever seen a fat Cheetah?

  4. I think the panda is an awesome fitness animal. That or a Liger. Panda’s are the more deceivingly fit though. Meaning they aren’t posting it on Facebook every time they think they “killed it” on the treadmill.

    @ Aimee. Haha! I have never seen a fat cheetah Aimee.

  5. Stephanie says:

    My fitness spirit animal will be the bear. She is epitome of strong and powerful.

  6. adiphene says:

    Cheetah is it for me – fit, agile and fast. I really love watching that animal run.

  7. Ageme says:

    Hi my fitness spirit Leopard. He is so athletics.

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