Play—And Run—With Your Dog All Night Long

Play fetch, like Lionel Richie says: All night long!
Play fetch, like Lionel Richie says: All night long!

If you’re busy (and, um, who isn’t?!), it can be hard sometimes to squeeze in a run, walk or playtime with the pup before it gets dark. And while you can play fetch with Fido at night, it’s kind of hard to do—and running in the dark without proper safety gear is just plain dangerous. (The car may see you, but what about your dog that’s running next to you? Ah!) Which is why when Nite Ize sent us some of its line of dog-centric products focused on keeping those furry friends safe, seen and entertained once the sun goes down to try for Fit Bottomed Pets’ Week, we were as excited as a cat with catnip. Or a dog with a new bone. Or, you know, the ability to run safely with your pup at night!

Nite Ize has all kinds of cool LED light-em’-up products for the pups, including toys, collars and leashes (they also sell a Pack-a-Poo bag, which doesn’t light up but is an awesome solution to any dog’s poopy probs). And while the Nite Dawg LED Collar Cover and Pet Leash (and how fun is the name “Nite Dawg?!”) is super cool and awesome for safety, we’re most smitten with the toys. The Meteorlight K-9 LED Ball lights up and floats! The Disc-O version of it even changes between different colors, which my pup found SUPER entertaining both inside and out. (Too cold to play outside? Turn off all the lights and play hide and seek inside—so fun.) The ball will bounce and is soft enough for dogs to bite on a bit, but hard enough that they can’t really break through them (although supervised play is always recommended!).

Discuit? Did you say Discuit?
Discuit? Did you say Discuit?

And the Flashlight Dog Discuit? Besides having the cutest name ever, it’s also good for hours of play. Illuminated by a long-lasting LED in either red or green, it’s mouth friendly, bite-durable and has a canine-resistant cap that helps prevent dogs from chewing off the battery. Seriously, this is so fun that you should consider getting one even if you don’t have a dog.

All of these cool LED-goodies are reasonably priced, too—most are less than $20. Which is pretty cheap for a whole 24 hours of playtime options!

Do you play or walk/run with your pup at a certain time of day? Ever wish you could do more at night? —Jenn

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  1. We have a glow in the dark ball that our dogs play with at night. Sometimes it’s the only thing that helps with their “night crazies”!