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Staying True to the Red, White and Green: A Tale of Two Lasagnas

The Outcome

Hot and bubbly out of the oven, they looked identical with the exception of dried breadcrumbs on one to tell them apart.
The two pans made my guests suspicious, and they started to ask questions. (I am trying to look innocent but it is coming across more like crazy.)
Once cut, the bits of green spinach become an obvious tell.
We started with wine and a salad just to loosen up the old taste buds and then dug in. Hayley was pleased with the addition of extra veggies that upped the nutritional value and made it easier to get in those crazy daily requirements. Pender was impressed that the slimmed-down version shaved off one third of the calories and more than half the fat while still tasting “awesome.” Bill, my cheese-lover, could tell that the lean version had less cheese but admitted he would not have noticed, save for the fact he tasted them side-by-side.

Crunching the Numbers

                             Healthy             Not so much
Calories              303                                  501
Carbs                    24                                    22
Protein                21                                     31
Fat                        12                                     31
Everyone agreed that the sauce was key for a favorable turnout. The bell pepper enhanced the flavor and the spinach/mushroom combo added a touch of texture that was missing in the original recipe. All in all, everyone left satisfied.
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