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Rough and Tough vs. Girlie Girl

You know those magazine quizzes where it tells you what kind of style or personality you have? Like, are you romantic or classic or edgy? Well, I’ve always kind of sucked at those. I have trouble answering the questions. I rarely am a strong fit in any single box, and my picks always depend on my mood that day. Turns out, my inability to take those quizzes carries over to my workout personality. You guys already know I have self-diagnosed workout ADD, but I’m also learning that I’m a bit of a Rough and Tough (phrase inspired by Gwen, of course) and a Girlie Girl when it comes to my fitness.

First, proof of Rough and Tough: I like to brag about my calluses. Calluses that just the other day scratched my husband’s back when I went to give him just a nice little rub. (He thought I scratched him with my nails…nope. Now, how sexy is that?) I like lifting the heavy weights. I’m excited when I can do something the boys can do. And, even though I am rocking pink polka dots socks here, I like to climb stuff.



But, I’m clearly not all Rough and Tough. Before I do any Olympic lifting or new perceived-as-scary move, I kind of do this girlie, I’m-scared squeal/nervous giggle thing. I’ll pause during a workout to adjust my capris or my—I’ll be honest—my ponytail. And although I don’t care a thing about wearing make-up to the gym, lately I have been geeking out about beauty products. I’ve started to use eye cream at night. I’m buying moisturizer that costs more than $5. And when Neutrogena recently asked us to be a blog ambassador and give feedback on its new products, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Last month I loved its Pore Refining cleanser enough to Instagram a photo of it. (You don’t get much more girlie than that, do ya?) And I’ve even been thinking of this stuff as a “workout for my pores.”


If that wasn’t enough, I geeked out even more when we got FabFitFun’s VIP gift box in the mail. Nail polish! Lip stain! Jewelry! Moroccan oil! My Girlie Girl heart is all aflutter with so much prettiness! It’s practically like a cardio workout.


I’ve never been that into the beauty stuff, but lately, it all seems like SO MUCH FUN. Even if I do have massive calluses and calves that are too muscular to fit in most pairs of fashionable boots.

I guess, like the ever-wise Meredith Brooks sings: “Just when you think, you got me figured out the season’s already changing.” Who says I have to be either a Rough and Tough or a Girlie Girl? Not me!

What about you? Are you a Rough and Tough gal? Or more of a Girlie Girl? Or are you a little of both, too? —Jenn

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