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Thank Goodness for Spring, I Was Losing Steam

spring-fitness-585I don’t  know about you guys, but I’ve had it with winter. I tried not to let it keep me down or in, but after months and months of cold, I’m so done. And I think my kids are also ready for warm weather so that I don’t drag them on never-ending errands until their cheeks are bright pink from the cold. It’s seriously April and we’ve had only a couple of days where we’ve been able to go outside in months. Not to mention, I’ve had it with colds and illness. I’m getting over my millionth cold of 2013, thanks to the kids bringing home super-fun viruses from daycare. No matter how hard I try, my immune system just cannot defend against a virus that is deposited directly in my face by a coughing 2-year-old.

Even though I had a cold, I tried to take advantage of slight warmth last week. I was so excited to be outside that I got a little overzealous, pushing the stroller as fast as I could go. The kids thought it was great, but my lungs were BURNING after about a minute. Turns out, chest colds and sprints do not like each other very much. I settled for a much slower walk and playing on the playground instead. (Have you guys been on a slide lately? I recommend.)

So I’m finally feeling good again. And it is a glorious 63 degrees right now. And sunny! And nothing gets me more motivated to move than a sunny day. Life feels cheery again, possibilities seem endless. I’m ready to hit the playground, throw a Frisbee, fly a kite, kick the ball for the dog, do yard work. (Yeah, I’m weird, and I find yard work strangely enjoyable.) Shoot, give me another day or two and I’ll try that sprint with the stroller again.

Do you get motivated to move when the weather warms up? —Erin

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  1. Definitely sick of winter! Can’t wait for the warmer days approaching!

  2. Sarah says:

    I can so relate to what you are saying about catching colds from kids…and my fellow office workers! There is nothing like the sun to bring on motivation and a feeling of health – bring it on!!

  3. Kasey says:

    I hear you! It’s raining in Chicago but it was a sweet 70 degrees today… amazing

  4. tito says:

    There’s only so much cold we can take until we start craving the spring time sun. We’ve made it through another winter so now it’s time to start living in the spring time. I love this time. It’s my favorite of the year.

  5. Danielle says:

    Yes, am definitely a summer girl. Nothing beats exercising in the sunshine!

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