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The Fit Bottomed Rules of Pet Ownership

My pug, Marti. Special is her middle name. Actually, no it's not. Her middle name is Rose. But she's really special. And yes, she has a middle name. What?

My pug, Marti. Special is her middle name. Actually, no it’s not. Her middle name is Rose. But she’s really special. And yes, she has a middle name. What?

You could say that the FBG team is slightly obsessed with our pets. It’s one of the reasons we’re celebrating the first-annual Fit Bottomed Pets Week over on FBG this week. Keeping our families healthy means also keeping our pets healthy, so we’ve got tons of awesome content and giveaways over there this week.  We also think it’s super important that pet owners know what they’re getting in to when it comes to pets, which is why today we’re sharing a few Fit Bottomed rules of pet ownership. If you’re even considering getting a dog, read these rules!

7 Rules of Pet Ownership

1. Don’t forget they’re members of the family. Pets are not disposable. When you adopt them into your family, it should be a “warts and all” philosophy. Sometimes literally. My dog had a witchy wart on her chin for a month one time, and we loved her anyway.

2. Spay and neuter. Seriously. You’re not going to breed and make tons of money. So just get your pets fixed. There is no need to contribute to the pet population when so many good dogs need homes.

3. Look into adoption and rescue. So many dogs in shelters need good homes, so get thee to a shelter to adopt. Or check out the numerous breed rescues that exist if you have a specific breed you’d like.

4. Make sure the dog will mesh with your lifestyle. Just because a dog looks cute doesn’t mean it’s right for you and your family. Are you prepared for a high-maintenance dog who needs to be groomed monthly? Is the dog or breed good with kids? Are you willing to exercise a dog who needs to run every day? Research the animal thoroughly before you bring that adorable rascal home.

5. Plan ahead. Pet ownership is a commitment. Think it through. What will you do when you travel? Who will walk and feed the pet? Who will clean the litter box? Figure out the logistics before you take the leap.

6. Save for vet visits. Pets can get pricey, especially when medical issues crop up on top of routine immunizations and upkeep. Keep a rainy day fund so you’re prepared when Fido has an accident or an allergic reaction to fleas.

7. Prepare to get messy. There’s dirt. There’s fur. There’s poop and vomit. There just is. If you’re too uptight to have dog hair on every surface and occasionally in the mouth of your toddler, pet ownership may not be for you! (If you have a dog and are thinking about having a baby, check out the endless similarities between the two species!)

Do you treat your pets as family members? What rules would you add to those thinking about adopting a pet? —Erin




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