The Movie That Motivates Me to Be Fitter (and Want to Crush Some Gnarly Waves)

Blue Crush makes me want to hit the beach and really work up a sweat.

Seeing that we’re all still abuzz from the Oscars, we thought that for this Question of the Week we’d keep the movie-love going by asking each FBG: What movie motivates you to be fitter? Enjoy the responses, and be sure to leave your own fave fit movie in the comments!

I was so excited to see Erin’s choice for a motivational movie was The Cutting Edge. It’s one of my all-time favorite movies, period. But personally, that’s a flick that makes me want to curl up and drink hot cocoa in an oversized hockey sweater. When it comes to a movie that makes me want to be fast, strong, brave and a total badass, there’s nothing like Blue Crush.

Now, I might live in Florida, but I’m no surfer. I’m a Midwesterner who relocated in search of warmer climes but retained a slight fear of sharks, so I have yet to get out on a board. But damn, do I admire the people who can do it. (And I have plans to try it myself. Eventually. Probably.)

And I seriously admire the way Kate Bosworth’s character, Anne Marie, overcomes all kinds of obstacles—absent parents, a rebellious kid sister, an incredibly difficult financial situation, the allure of a romance that could derail her dreams, not to mention a traumatic near-death surfing experience—in her pursuit to compete among the best at Pipe Masters surf competition.

The beach shots are gorgeous, and the footage of the surfers during the competition is incredible, but the parts that get me are when Anne Marie is getting up early, marking off the days left before the competition (in lipstick, on her bathroom mirror), and the awesome workouts she gets in before beginning her day as a hotel maid. She runs the beach, she does pull-ups using trees. She doesn’t let her job or her lack of money keep her from being the best she can be.

We all have days where we think, ugh, I don’t have time to work out before going into the office, and I don’t have money to join that gym/sign up for that class/hire a coach. And this movie proves that those excuses are all total crap. It’s up to you to do the work, regardless of your situation.

Anybody else out there always feel like going out for a long, hard run after this movie? Or maybe a swim? —Kristen

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    Something about the whole surfing culture is just so attractive to me. But my 1 attempt at surfing didn’t go so well…and, yeah, terrified of sharks!

    Definitely makes me want to go run…ON A BEACH! (From a midwesterner who’s still stuck here–ha!) 🙂

  2. Oh yes indeedy, and as I run, the soundtrack to ‘Rocky’ plays in my head (‘Coulda bin a contender’) :-). Love an insprational movie 🙂

  3. omg yes! That movie always makes me want to work out! Definitely my most fitfluential movie! It makes me want to get up early and work out so I can be a total badass like her! lol BTW-I’m also a Florida girl who has never surfed!

  4. omg yes! That movie always makes me want to work out! Definitely my most fitfluential movie! It makes me want to get up early and work out so I can be a total badass like her! lol BTW-I’m also a Florida girl who has never surfed!

  5. Great post and a great movie! I live in Spain and run a boutique boot camp specialising in Kettlebells, boxing, kick boxing and yoga. I’ve recently taken up surfing and while the waves certainly aren’t as consistent as the States, I’m hooked! Trying to get my girlfriend into it so I’ll be sure to download Blue Crush for some inspiration! Check out my blog if you get a chance and let me know what you think

  6. Now, sometimes movies can make us feel down about ourselves because the lives the characters live are so great. but, when we can be inspired by one and have it make us want to live a better life and better ourselves, that’s when i say, job well done.

  7. I’m moving back to the coast this summer and can not wait. Cold weather just starting to turn into spring here in the rockies, and as much as I love seasons, I am so hungry for the warm beach sand. And Blue Crush has been my favorite this past month, getting ready to buy a new board and get out there again.

  8. Any beach scene make me want to get out there. Living in OH things are just starting to bud. After a long hard winter that makes me want to get out to enjoy and notice the changes taking place daily.