5 Weight-Loss Tips From Ruby

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Hootie! Hoot! Hoo! Howdy, ya’ll! We’re getting hacky-wacky!

Now, why are we sounding all adorably Ruby Gettinger on you? Because we are SO psyched to announce that we are working with her as a spokesperson for ViSalus for a number of fun posts over the next several months. We have long loved Ruby—heck, we gave her the title of Fit Bottomed Girl of the Year in 2010!—so being able to have her regularly share some of her favorite tips, recipes and insights just makes us want to say “hootie, hoot, hoo,” too! So read on as Ruby shares her top weight-loss tips in her own words!

Ruby’s Top 5 Weight-Loss Tips

1. Do a workout you love. When it comes to working out, find something you love to do so you will continue to do it! We want to become healthy and fit for life and make this a long-term lifestyle! So I do things I can’t wait to do that make me hacky—boxing, dancing, cheering, riding my bike. Find what you enjoy and go do it! Have fun!

2. Take small steps. This is part of the reason why I love, love, love ViSalus. It teaches you healthy eating and portion control. Taking the ViSalus 90-Day Challenge allows us to set our own personal fitness goals. It is very important to make a fitness goal and to develop a plan to help you reach your goal. Take it one day at a time. Make small steps, at least five days a week, toward your fitness goal. Do it every day and your small steps will become bigger steps before you know it!

3. Have a pick-me-up on hand for extra energy. I always have my GO shot before my workouts. It always gives me the extra energy I need! After working all day, being home with the kids or going to school, you may be feeling sluggish or too tired to workout… drink a GO and get a great tasting pick-me-up!

4. Get active with your entire family. Kids are my heart, and I want to help get childhood obesity under control! That is why our Project 10 Kids is so dear to my heart. ViSalus Project 10 Kids helps a child get fit. When I would babysit, I would always do relay races with the kids and have different kinds of fitness competitions that the kids could do with their siblings, friends or parents. They loved it! We would do it for two to three hours. Kids love to compete and have fun with you. I promise; just try it. It helps you all get healthier and closer!

5. Make workouts social. Start making your physical fitness a group fitness that you can enjoy with family and friends. Find classes to go to, go for walks, play with the kids, ride bikes with them! There is so much to do!

Be sure to check back in to FBG later this month as we highlight a recipe Ruby loves that’s perfect for Memorial Day! And, in the meantime, keep up with Ruby here:

And tell us, what has Ruby taught you? —Jenn 


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  1. Really appreciate ViSalus using Ruby as a spokeswoman. I am going to incorporate small steps. I was doing big steps and got sidelined by surgery & complications. Now I am discouraged & depressed & I know I’ll feel better once I get moving again but ugh. Ruby inspires me!

  2. Who can we contact? We need to start contacting the style network people. Why in the world would they cancel Ruby’s show? She gives us hope.

  3. I love Ruby! She inspires me daily. She never gives up. After loosing 56 lbs. I am starting to stumble a bit. After reading Ruby’s post I am starting over again. Thank God for Ruby’s post. I wish the show would come back. Tina

  4. Thanks Ruby! You are my inspiration!
    I’ve lost 100 lbs, with 15 to go. It has taken me over 4 years, but I have changed my lifestyle and am feeling great. Will be 60 this summer but feeling 20!
    Love you so much Ruby!!

  5. Ruby has changed my world. It was my therapist who suggested I watch her show; she told me Ruby reminded her of me…her fiestiness, her sense of humor, her honesty. Once I began watching, I could certainly relate; and as I came to realize, thousands of others have to. I don’t know what I would have done without her constant love and support. She is a true healer and woman of God who is blessed and blesses us every day with her presence. I would love to see Ruby back on television. More than any other reality tv show, Ruby’s realism and truth touched the core of me and America.

  6. We need Ruby. She is lighting the way for others to get healthy. She has inspired me to keep trying. I would love to see more. I love how real she is and how she confronts things that most people don’t think they can. I actually started back doing Visalus because she was and in 3 weeks I’ve lost 9lbs. Thank you Ruby. I wish we could bring the show back. D

  7. Ruby, you are beautiful inside and out…I hope you reach your goals, but the journey is what is important. Thanks for your Tips. It sounds like I need to get (GO). Can i order it from here?

  8. I have followed Ruby’s struggles from the beginning and wish with all my heart that we could be with her till the end. Her journey means so much more to so many people and to see it to its completion will save lives. Ruby, I am taking your fitness advice and doing them. Angie

  9. Ruby was a real show about a real struggle that real people can relate to. We need Ruby back. Not only is Ruby an inspiration to all people – fit and not so fit – she is charming and funny to view…..a network would be crazy not to have Ruby on their lineup! Still hoping…

  10. Ruby, I hope you see this. Your such an Inspiration to me and my friends! You had me in tears at NST LA. My friends have tried to get me to do Visalus for a year. After hearing you & knowing who you are, I made a decision to do it. The best decision I ever made.- I hope I can meet you in FL. You’re amazing Ruby!!

  11. Well my sweet Ruby… I have never posted anything to you before because I normally feel I have nothing to say worth listening to. I also prefer talking over writing but that isn’t something I can do in this case. I adore who you are and even without knowing I exist, you have affected my life in such a positive way. That must be such a heavy burden for you at times knowing that fact….Worrying about that responsibility. You handle it with such grace and love for the masses. I’ve been approached by a friend to start ViSalus not because she wanted to make money, but because she loves me and feels we are a lot alike with similar weight issues. I’m about 80 pounds over weight but in a 5 ft. 4 in. frame, that’s a lot of abundance for a small package. I’ve been going back and forth wondering if I should start. After listening to your videos on this and reading your posts, I feel it’s time to make a change. Hopefully I will be able to follow in your footsteps and achieve success. Please keep your eyes open for me… Hugs

  12. i HAVE LOST 2 children, Ruby, has given me alot of positive feedback and reason to go on living. She is so positive, and give hope to so many .. not just with the weight, with LIVING.. I Love her and PRAY, HER show will come back SOON, SO MANY PEOPLE NEED HER.. MYSELF included, in my LIFE. WE NNED HER. thank you.. come BACK RUBY…

  13. We need to witness the beginning – end of Ruby’s journey. Because of Ruby I stepped outside & started riding a bike, walking, and living. She has inspired me so much
    to go on my own WLJ! It wouldn’t be fair not to finish w/her to the end!
    Please, bring Ruby back.

  14. I wish we could get Ruby’s show back. As a nutritionist, it is very helpful to people fighting obesity. That is nearly half of our population. They need to know it is a process and a new life not just something you do for a few weeks.

  15. I am in my 2nd year of college and Ruby has inspire me to start my own weight loss after years of just not caring about what I look like. I started in January and have lost 33 pounds. I needed theses tips. Thank you

  16. Because of Ruby I called and started the Body By Vi 90 day challenge! It was hard for me to weigh, take my measurements. But, I started and there is only one way to go from here!! I have 66 days to go. My weight is going down.

  17. Ruby has been encouraging me for some time!! I am back on track with Ruby. If she can keep going, I can too. With Ruby’s encouragement, tips and Gods grace I’m moving forward !! God bless Ruby! I wish we could get her show back 🙁

  18. I love Ruby! Her courage is unfailing. She is an inspiration to me and many others. She’s honest and open about her struggles. Ruby doesn’t downplay how hard this journey has been, or continues to be. She never gives up! Even when faced with setbacks she fights on. I would love to see Ruby continue to be able to help people. Ruby has a story that needs to be told, I want to witness her meeting and exceeding her goals. Please bring her back to T.V. Love you bunches, Ruby!!!!

  19. Bring the Ruby show back my sister was right at 6 hundred pounds but had to have surgery to loose her weight I love that Ruby has done this wight just eating right and working out

  20. I cannot say enough about Ruby. She is such an inspiration and an endearing person. I struggled for so many years with my own “beast” and through watching Ruby’s journey, I was able to identify some of my own issues. With Ruby’s support, her TV show, I got the courage to begin my own journey to health. I so appreciate her openness and honesty. She courageously brings out the ugly and examines it for everyone to see. Those who have not ever struggled with food addiction cannot understand the sirens call of food, but those of us who have and do struggle know that song all too well. I applaud her and love her. She is simply a hero to me and many others. Encouraged by Ruby, I have lost 135lbs, and I have become a certified zumba instructor. Three years ago, and well over 300 lbs, I could not imagine this life for myself. Thank you, Ruby. You are a treasure.

  21. I need more Ruby! I don’t watch Style network with her gone. Please give us Ruby back!
    I am homebound. I am so lonely, on oxygen and taking medicines to stay alive. When I watched Ruby it made me want to get better.

  22. Hi ruby and fit bottom, just want to say how much i miss your show. i enjoyed every episode .I just don’t understand style network. i agree with everyone else if they don’t want you go to oprah!! she knows when something is worth it for the fans. please if anyone from style is reading this bring back Ruby. we need her to keep us all going! Ruby you’re right on about your tips. I am thinking about doing the challenge with you.

  23. WHEN IS YOUR SHOW COMING BACK ON ?? I MISS MY RUBY SHOW, its like i gotta get my ruby fix every week. i love your spirit, the way you carry yourself. After I posted on your Facebook I wanted to do Visalus like you. A sweet lady got in touch with me and signed me up. I’ve lost 12 pounds so far. Thanks for sharing Visalus with us and your great tips. I just ordered your Go drink.

  24. Ruby,
    I am using all your tips and I called Visalus last week. I started doing your transformation kit . I lost 5 pounds. Thank you

  25. Hi Ruby, I would love to tell you what an inspiration you are. I live every day with an eating disorder and though it is different than yours, I understand the struggles you are facing and I applaud you in your battle against them. You motivate me so much to want to get better and you help me see that there is more to life than being consumed by this. I am working towards gaining weight. I called Visalis and ordered my kit. You are a beautiful person, both inside and out, and I hope you know that. You are amazing.

  26. you are truely an inspiration! When I want to skip working out, I think of you and it gets me going!
    I called and I am doing your plan for 3 months. Have a fabulous day.

  27. Nice post , Ruby. I like the first point you talked about : Doing a workout you love. That is the key . You have to love your exercises , otherwise you wont do it properly and enthusiastically . It all will be in vain .

    Very nice read your post. Expecting more from you .