Avoid Toddler Tantrums and Meltdowns Even as Summer Heats Up!

toddler-tantrums-585The toddler-tantrum stage is scary for parents. I’ve not yet dealt with an all-out meltdown in public yet, but I came really close at the library once. I’ve found that the key is to avoid two main factors: exhaustion and hunger. Because combine a tire, hungry kiddo with a crowded public place? You’re pretty much guaranteed to have to high-tail it outta there.

As summer kicks into gear, it’s easy to get out of the consistent daily routine your toddler has come to expect (and enjoy, although they’ll never tell you they like structure!). Here are a few tips from Sprout Organic Foods to help you enjoy the freedom that summer offers without any of the drama that can ensue!

5 Tips to Avoid Toddler Tantrums This Summer

1. Don’t forget nap time. Although they may protest, toddlers need to keep somewhat on-schedule with nap time. While you can’t necessarily rush home every day, a quick rest and time away from the constant activity will prevent the crankiness later on.

2. Sunscreen and protective wear. SPF is important, but between swimming, sweating and daylong activities, the lotions rub off and leave your child susceptible to sunburn. Pack sunglasses, a hat and some long-sleeve options for full sun protection.

3. Bring the buddies. Summer is a great time to socialize with other young children at the pool, neighborhood block party or summer camps. This gives parents adult-time as well. Toddlers are better behaved around their peers and older children as well.

4. Relax. While kids love summer, it should be a fun time for parents, too. Basic structure is necessary to keep a toddler healthy and happy, but don’t sweat the small stuff. Messy clothes, sticky hands, sugar-highs and Band-Aids are all part of the adventure. Enjoy the time together, and appreciate the beautiful weather.

5. Snacks! Hungry bellies make for grumpy kids who are much more likely to embarrass you in public. Avoid the embarrassment and bring along healthy snacks.

Thanks to Sprout Foods for the tips! We totally agree—and we’re really working on embracing the messiness that summer brings, even if it means never being able to skip a bath…

What tips do you have for enjoying summer activities with young kids? —Erin


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