Cookin’ Taters and More With the Corn-N-Tater Microwave Bag

We all know the microwave is convenient for cooking. But does it ever deliver delicious results beyond warmth or cheese melting? Yeah, not really. Which is how this little ol’ product ended up on our radar and at FBG HQ after a product pitch.
To help overcome the bland, rubbery overcooked microwave issue, the Corn-N-Tater microwave bag ($15) was created. It’s all-natural, organic and it is made with a special blend of cotton and bamboo that is naturally antibacterial, odor-free and holds no mold. It’s also free of BPA, and you can quickly cook just about any veggie in it, in addition to (or even alongside) corn-n-taters.
All of that is awesome, but to be honest, “tater” being in the name made me like it from the get-go. Along with the polka-dot print. Polka dots!
The bag itself is soft, padded and kind of reminds me of a larger version of my coffee cozy. Or a sleeping bag. With a sweet potato sleeping soundly in it.
Or kind of lewdly in it.
Lewd or not (you decide!), using the Corn-N-Tater microwave bag is easy. You simply take your veggie or potato of choice—I, obviously, tried sweet potatoes first—wrap them in a moist paper towel and microwave for a few minutes.
The Corn-N-Tater comes with a handy little book with cooking times. You can even cook different things at the same time, which I did. I microwaved my sweet potatoes for a few minutes, and then added zucchini in its own moist paper towel for a few more minutes. The bag easily held two small sweet potatoes and a chopped zucchini—and probably even more if I wanted to. It’s definitely large enough to fit a veggie side dish that would feed up to four, maybe even six.
Once done, I removed the bag from the microwave and peeked inside. While the bag was warm and a little wet, you could easily handle it with bare hands.
And what I got was this! A good serving of sweet potatoes and perfectly steamed zucchini for Ryan and I! Not rubbery, but moist. And the zucchini was that lovely crisp-tender that just needs a little salt and pepper and is done. Simple! Delicious! And it all took about seven minutes. That’s it!
I’m not sure that I’ll replace my favorite method of cooking veggies—roasting—with microwaving just yet, but it certainly makes microwaving more palatable and less “microwave-y.” And when I’m in a rush or making baked potatoes, I’ll most definitely use the bag. If you do a decent amount of microwaving, this would be a good $15 spent, methinks.
How much microwaving do you do? Now, be honest…no judging here! And who else is smitten with polka dots? —Jenn

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  1. Felicia says:

    Thank you for this review! I hope you peek back.. I see it’s been 18 months on this review.
    I just scored one of these from Goodwill… brand new.. in the original bag.. never used. It intrigued me for use in our camper microwave. I got it for $1.99…..lol So… I didn’t get fun polka dots, but I did get a industrial BLUE. I can forgo the extra $13 for that…lol You just HAVE to try doing corn!!