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Waxing Nostalgic

sports bra, sentimentalist

I love a sports bra that does nothing. Madonna would be proud.

Every fashion magazine, at some point, will ask you if you are classic or trendy. I fall into the classic category, except on the far extreme end of that box. I’m what you would call a “sentimentalist.” I tend to purchase classic pieces that fit in well with my timeless look so that I can continue to enable my issue. You see, I  have a problem with not being able to throw stuff away. This totally bleeds into my fitness apparel drawer as well. I’ve had this one sports bra since high school (yeah, you read that correctly), and I just can’t part with it.

Let’s be clear: I think some people are a little too quick to chuck out perfectly good stuff just for the sake of consumerism. But if this was a case of a sports bra that was awesome and did its job, then I wouldn’t even be writing this post. But this is an old sports bra—way before wicking technology came along. A simpler time, when a bra didn’t even have to handle nippage. This bra supports nothing but my weird need to hang-on-to-it habit.

I usually reserve wearing this sports bra for days when I’m just hanging around the house. I know every time I put it on that I’m being a silly nut. Images of me sitting in a house of old sports bras while the folks from Hoarders interview me and hold an intervention come to mind. I cannot help it though. I see the old girl, and I think about track days and hanging out with Jenn in gym class. How could I let that go?! It’s just too sweet!

While we’re spitting truth and waxing nostalgic, I should also admit that I have the same pair of shoes I ran my marathon in…with the D-tags still attached. Some people collect purses. I collect sentimental fitness apparel…

So what would you do? Would you chuck the sports bra? Keep it? What about you? Do you have any sentimental pieces you just can’t part with? —Tish

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