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Working Hard to Relax: Finding Me Time in Strange Ways

relaxation-585Hope you mamas had wonderful Mother’s Days yesterday. I did, although it certainly wasn’t restful. The holiday always falls when it’s finally warmed up, and I’m itching to get flowers planted in our yard. So while my hubby sometimes buys me a bouquet of flowers, more often than not I request that we go buy flowers I can actually plant. (Makes Mother’s Day last all summer!)

People might think that it’s crazy to spend a holiday like that dedicated to doing yard work. But for me, working in the yard is super relaxing. Not in the kick-up-your feet sense. Nope. It’s serious back-breaking work, and I know I will be sore tomorrow from weeding out all the of the dandelion bushes that were running rampant in our flower beds. But it’s therapeutic to dig in the ground, to pull out the weeds, to plant new flowers. A few hours of work can have such a dramatic impact on a yard that it’s worth every sore muscle to me. It makes me a little giddy.

Plus, just being outside on such a beautiful day was refreshing. And even though I did most of the work during my kids’ naptime, it was nice to have my hubby be the one listening for the kids to wake up instead of constantly being on guard, checking the baby monitor. Because, sure, I could work outside during my kids’ naps when it’s just me at home. But that would guarantee my attention would be needed inside every five minutes. Kids somehow know when you really want to get something done during naps, and they do their darndest to make it difficult. Add in my dirty hands, and I know the baby monitor would have been squawking and I would have been interrupted a million times. It was nice to have uninterrupted time, outside, to let my mind wander and focus on the flowers and the mulch and the weeds.

So yes, I loved my breakfast out and presents and cards and the dinner my husband cooked and the unprompted “I love you, Mommy” from my daughter. But I also loved a chunk of time given to me to do something I love to do. Even if that something seems like a chore!

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What about you? Do you find peace in an activity others would consider work? —Erin


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