8 Tips to Rock That Swimsuit This Summer



Thought this was going to be one of those do-this-exact-workout and follow-this-meal-plan kinda posts? Think again! Like we do with all things here at FBG, feeling good about yourself and your body starts with one thing and one thing only: the way you treat yourself. So follow these tips to rock that swimsuit out this summer with the pride and confidence of the beautiful person that you are inside and out!

8 Tips to Boost Your Swimsuit Self-Confidence

1. Commit to ditching the fat talk and body shaming. Are you and your girlfriends always talking about what you’d like to change about your bodies? Or sitting back and commenting on other people’s bodies? Nip that talk in the bud, right now. Get your girls together and make a pact to ditch the body bashing.

2. Talk to yourself like your own best friend. In that same vein, make sure you’re on your own team—and cheering yourself up, not tearing yourself down. Be aware of your thoughts, and when a not-so-nice one pops up, tell it thanks, but no thanks.

3. Wear something that fits you—no matter the size. Forget about the size on the label. Choose a swimsuit that fits you well and that you can move in. Even the most flattering swimsuit isn’t any good if you don’t feel like you can move in it!

4. Focus on the experience. Going to the pool or the beach should be a fun time. Not one where you’re constantly readjusting your body so you look thinner in photos or worrying that you don’t look good. Give yourself permission to act like a kid and just be in the moment. Enjoy!

5. Set a goal. One of the best ways to build confidence is to set a goal and accomplish it, no matter how big or small. It can be as simple as challenging yourself to eat an extra serving of veggies with dinner most nights of the week or swapping one diet soda a day for sparkling water or even applying for that new job you have your eye on. No matter your goal, make it realistic and attainable and then be proud of your success!

6. Get grateful. We all have so many things to be grateful for. So instead of wishing you looked differently in your swimsuit, focus on all of the amazing and beautiful features you do have. Your eyes…your strong legs…your wit and compassion…your smile…the fact that you’re even alive—those (and so, SO many more) are all wonderful things to be grateful for! And ever notice how it’s hard to be unhappy when you’re grateful? Yeah, us, too.

7. Do things that bring you energy. Every day, be sure to take care of you—and be sure to do the activities that make you feel good and energized. While that’s a little different for everyone, we’re pretty sure that it includes getting good sleep, de-stressing often, exercising and eating healthy foods most of the time (all good things in moderation though!).

8. Run your own race. Being confident isn’t about comparing yourself to others to see where you stack up; it’s about doing YOUR best. So give it your all and get your self-confidence from a deeper place within yourself.

Do you feel confident in your swimsuit? Any other tips to add to our list? —Jenn

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  1. Loved it!

    I especially loved the be grateful part. People need to realize that there are people in this world that have much bigger issues to worry about than “how will I look in this bathing suit?” Be happy you are alive and healthy!

  2. Leave it to you awesome ladies to avoid doing a “do-this-exact-workout and follow-this-meal-plan kinda posts.” Seriously, Thank. You. It’s so easy to get concerned about your body when springtime comes around and you’re being blasted with “get that bikini body” articles on all sides.

    I keep my confidence up by remembering that bathing suits are all about fun! It’s only a few months a year that we get to wear them up here in Minnesota (I mean, I practically lived in my swimsuit when I lived in Texas). If I’ve only got 3 months to enjoy my swimsuit, I’m not going to waste one moment worrying whether people are judging my blinding white thighs 🙂

  3. P. says:

    These tips were totally different from what I expected. I was positively surprised to mostly see tips on improving self image.
    I especially liked the fourth tip. Enjoying the experience is really the best thing that one can do.

  4. I had never thought that choosing the right swimsuit can make such a difference.
    That was until recently that I stopped by VS to pick up my new bikini (as a gift for reaching new milestone). Oh my, was I wrong all these years. The pads, the patterns, and the styles do make the biggest difference in the world.