Tortilla Chips…Without the Corn or Gluten!

I love tortilla chips. But I don’t love corn. (I swear; this movie ruined corn for me—so many GMOs and they use it to literally fatten up livestock…so…) And we already know my body doesn’t do well with the gluten. So chips that are bean-based and don’t have any corn or gluten in them? Well, sign me up! Especially if “sign me up” means eating copious amounts of Beanitos‘ new White Bean Chips that they recently sent to FBE—because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. (Proof here!) But even if you don’t have wonky stomach issues like me (Oh, how I envy thee!), these are still a much, much healthier choice than your run-of-mill chip. And, the best part is that they don’t taste “healthy.” But I’m getting ahead of myself…
First, let’s review the nutrition and ingredients of the Nacho Cheese and Restaurant Style Beanitos White Bean Chips. It’s pretty hard to beat. The serving size is sane, there’s no sugar, you get lots of fiber and some protein. Sure, there’s fat, but healthy fat is good for ya and fills you up. Plus, the ingredient list doesn’t make my eyes bleed. And all those little icons there on the right? Well, those are all huge pluses—all-natural, no MSG, kosher, vegan, low-glycemic and cholesterol-free. Hooray!
So, I think we can agree that these have a little something-something going on in the nutrition department, but that all amounts to nothing more than a sack of beans (kinda literally) if they aren’t tasty enough to eat, right? But they’re good—like, really, really good! I’ve served these at my house all kinds of times to all kinds of people and they all liked them, asking—once I finally tell them what they’re eating (one of my favorite party tricks!)—“These are made of beans? REALLY? They taste great! Not bean-y at all.”
And they’re right. The Restaurant Style White Bean Chips are maybe a little airier than tortilla chips that you’d get at a Mexican joint, but they taste just like them. It’s amazing—and they’re amazing with salsa and gauc. And then there’s the Nacho Cheese White Bean Chips, which are reminiscent of Doritos and are great on their own when you have a cheesy chip craving. My only word of caution on these: portion control can be tough because they are so tasty (try getting the individually sized bags to help with this) and, if you do eat more than a serving, prepare for your belly to be a bit extra rumble-y from the extra fiber. When eaten in excess, these chips do live up to their “magical fruit” status.
Have you ever tried a bean chip? Would you? —Jenn

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  1. Ivori Rose says:

    Yes, I have tried Beanitos ; the new White Bean Chips.
    They are magically delicious 😉