Fit Tip Friday: Try Tony Horton’s Super Burpee

Tony Horton's Super Burpee is ridic!
Tony Horton’s Super Burpee is ridic!

Anyone remember when we mentioned in one of our Jamba Juice FiTrends Expo recap posts that THE Mr. Tony Horton had shown us a new crazy burpee that had us in total and complete awe? Well, we have cinematic proof. Or, you know, shaky iPhone video. Named by Tony as the official “Super Burpee,” it’s pretty darn crazy. And requires hella strength.

We’re not really sure that we need burpees to be any more challenging than they already are, but hey, we’re all for trying new things—especially those that push us. And completing even one Super Burpee is certainly something to work toward! So check out the Super Burpee below—and don’t even get us started on Tony Horton’s wicked dance moves…he was just an awesome ham!

Did your jaw drop when you saw Tony Horton’s Super Burpee, too? (And, yes, that’s Tish and me in the background commenting—it was impossible not to!) —Jenn


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