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Let’s Talk Workout Underwear…Again!

These undies are designed for workouts!

These undies are designed for workouts!

The last time we talked about workout underwear—or lack thereof—we got quite the lively discussion going. Which was fun. I mean, as ya’ll know, nothing is off limits here. But no matter where you land on the wearing-underwear-when-working-out issue (and, dude, people take sides), I think we can all agree that if you are going to wear undies, it makes sense to choose ones that keep your lady parts happy, healthy and breathing. Which is where today’s Polarmax/AYG underwear review comes into play!

The company recently sent us a pair of its Women’s Boy Short to try, and I’ve been putting them to the test by wearing them during just about any workout you can think of. From yoga to CrossFit to walking and just lounging around the house, these undies are soft, while still wicking away moisture. Made of lightweight XTRdry cotton fabric (96 percent cotton and 4 percent Spandex), they are form-fitting and longer with a 2 1/4-inch inseam. The seams are flat to reduce chafing (we all know how fun that is…), and they have a special extra wide two-layer crotch panel that’s specifically designed to help keep you fresh and dry during workouts. Offered in sizes extra small to extra large, they come in the colors black, white, coral and teal.

While I found the Women’s Boy Short to be a little too long for my workout needs (although, in all honesty, I wore them on their own with just a tank for an at-home yoga workout and they were quite pleasant with no wedgies), I would definitely recommend the briefs and the brand in genearl if you are looking for a pair of undies that are specifically made for working out. They’re technical yet soft, and while the whole wide crotch panel seems a little strange when you put it on—without getting into too many details—it does its job. For about $20 a pair, they’re not cheap, but not ridiculous either. I’ll definitely be taking mine backpacking and camping the next time I go, in addition to these!

So let’s hear it again: Do you wear underwear when working out? And, if so, do you wear undies made specifically for exercise? —Jenn

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