No Fitness Goal In Sight and Loving It


Not everyone needs a finish line as a fitness goal to get moving! Credit: jayneandd

It has been a most insane year for me. With book writing and never-ending sickness at our house, it’s only been this last month that I haven’t felt super sick or been tending to sick (and demanding) little people. I’ve seriously had both versions of flu, cold after cold, pink eye and sinus infections that would make grown men cry. I’ve felt so damn energetic for the last couple of weeks, and only in writing this have I realized that it’s because I actually feel like a normal human again.

Although we’re big believers in goal-setting around here, I’ll be honest: I’m not really working toward any goals right now. I’m impressed with avid goal-setters, don’t get me wrong. I just finished reading Tri-Mom: Swimming, Biking, and Running Through Motherhood, and wow, triathletes, huh? They’re insane—in a good way—and set and check off workouts and goals. And take Kristen: She’s knocking down amazing triathlon feats like crazy. And Jenn’s always working toward a goal, whether it’s a rope climb or turning her workouts on their heads. Tish? Well, she’s selling tickets to her gun show. But I’m currently goal-less.

I’m not training for a race. I’m not trying to lose weight. Heck, because my gym workouts get interrupted because Kid 2 doesn’t love gym daycare, I’m thrilled to get in 10 minutes of any workout. But instead of being content with a few stroller walks as my workouts, I’ve been trying to fit more intense activity in on top of my already very active everyday life. I’ve taken some online workout classes. I’ve felt some serious burn with workout DVDs. I’ve been fitting in the 10 minutes of tough workouts that I can. I’m truly enjoying moving my body more frequently and with more intensity than I have in the last year.

Once I feel like that base level of fitness is back where I want it to be, I’ll probably start throwing down some more serious goals. But for now, it’s nice to simply have my health back and to be enjoying workouts again. I guess we all fall somewhere on the exercise spectrum—those who flounder without goals and need goals to drive them to the next level and those who are content just to move. Right now I’m on the latter end, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

Do you need goals to get you motivated or are you perfectly content just moving with no finish line in sight? —Erin

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  1. Kristen says:

    It’ll come as no surprise that I love your attitude about this. Glad you’re feeling human again! What a year, huh?

  2. Keeon says:

    Sometimes life gets in the way and it becomes difficult to set goals. That’s when you rely on good habits you’ve developed from living a healthy lifestyle. It’s the difference between the majority of people who workout because they are motivated and the minority who workout because they are committed. Once you are committed you will continuously find ways to workout even if it is just to maintain your weight.

  3. Sarah says:

    These past few months I have been battling sinus infections, colds, allergies, etc; and realized that my goal then was just to finally get and feel better. After finally getting to the point where I do feel better, I also realized that I had gained 10 lbs getting to that point. However, my goal hasn’t been to immediately lose that weight. My goal has been to stay healthy, which I think is often lost sight of a goal. Yes, the lbs are slowly coming off with my better diet (no more grilled cheese comfort food) and more regular workout schedule… But I now look at my workouts as something that should be making me feel stronger, not wearing me out. So many of us lose sight of that!