Fit Blogger We Love: Carla Birnberg of MizFitOnline

Carla (AKA MizFit) getting her reluctantly happy cardio on!
Carla (aka MizFit) getting her reluctant but happy cardio on!

MizFitOnline was one of the first fitness blogs on the scene. And when we started FBG, we were definitely one of her biggest fans. Over the years, Carla Birnberg (aka MizFit) has inspired thousands — including us — to get fit and fully embrace who you are in the process. Carla is unapologetically herself, which we love, and we are happy to call her not only a Fit Blogger We Love, but also a fit blogging bud!

Q&A With Carla Birnberg of MizFitOnline

When and why did you start your blog? I started blogging in 2001 (*waves old lady blogger cane*) and launched MizFit six years ago.

How did you come up with the name of your blog? When I launched my blog, I never imagined I’d still be blogging under the same name/brand six years later. Beyond the fact few people were blogging back then, (we all thought it was something that would die out fairly quickly which goes to show our ability to trend-forecast) ever fewer had the sense to start with a mission statement and a branding business plan.

I’d initially decided to call my blog Sisyphit. I — apparently erroneously — thought the name perfectly paralleled how getting/remaining fit can at times feel like rolling that boulder up the hill. The name, however, was given a big thumbs down by my focus group (of three friends).

My second choice — MizFit –was an outgrowth of Sisyphit in a way. My blog would focus on FITness and, I’d learned, my sense of humor and overall approach to life was as a misfit. Definitely not a play on the words “Miss Fit,” as so many initially surmise.

What’s the most rewarding thing about blogging? The community. When I first began blogging, I did so at night and my day job was in newspaper and magazine writing. Not only in those arenas did you rarely know if you’d helped or touched people (Remember letters to the editor? People who were motivated to pick up a pen and paper were few and far between.) but when you did find out, it was always months after the fact.

I love the community piece of blogging and the myriad ways (blog comments, email, Twitter, etc.) we can help each other in real time and in immediate, supportive ways.

What’s the most misunderstood thing about your blog or healthy blogging in general? Since I can only speak for myself, I’d say it’s that exercise is my passion.

I work out consistently and have for close to two decades.

My 30-minute workout, however, is only two percent of my day.

My passion is helping people and promoting healthy living.

Exercise is the small facet of my day, which allows me to pursue my passion with limitless strength and boundless energy.

What’s your favorite post and why? Ahhh. Always the hard question because, as a writer, we tend to love them all, don’t we? I guess I’d have to say my recent post explaining why I’m an intuitive exerciser.

I’ve talked a great deal over the years about mindful/intuitive living and eating, but I’d not blogged about intuitive exercise until a few months ago. Making the time to define what I do and why so I could share it with my readers, not surprisingly, was pretty illuminating for me, too.

What workouts do you love?  While I do engage in some traditional exercise routines, the majority of my workouts tend to be PLAYouts with my daughter or friends. Kickball, hula-hooping, badminton, Skip-It, jump rope, etc. Anything fun, which makes the time pass quickly and feels more like PLAY than work.

What workouts do you love to hate? Cardio. So much so that fact has become a fact of my MizFit branding. I do cardio. Consistently. I’ve never really had a day where I’ve enjoyed it.

What single piece of workout apparel could you not live without? I love, love, love running skirts (which is mildly humorous given the fact Im MizRunsIfChased). Lifting weights, playing, working, date night — that’s what you’ll probably find me wearing.

What’s the most embarrassing song on your workout playlist right now? Is here where I’m supposed to say I don’t work out to music? Is this question where I reveal we just went through a major relocation because my husband got a position with Pandora, and I exercise sans-tunes? (Again, hence the play on the word MISFIT and not MISS FIT!)

What are a few of your fitness confessionsI love all running skirts but, of course, I have that one fave, fave, favorite skirt. You know the one: perfectly broken in, super comfy, flattering cut, etc. The one I wear, put in laundry, don’t get a chance to do said laundry and then drag BACK out of dirty clothes hamper, shake and wear again pretending it’s clean.

My other one is part confession and part my worst personality trait: I know I need to do cardio. I do it for my daughter (so I live long!). I do it for my heart (I love my heart!). Yet I whine about it every.single.morning before I do it.

I whine. I procrastinate. I announce to the household I’m not doing cardio that day. I whine.

It’s the same scenario pretty much every morning. I know I’d save lots of time if I simply did the cardio we all know I’m going to do anyway (for the two reasons I shared), but each day I do it, I complain.

Gotta love her honesty! Thanks for sharing your story, Carla! Any others who can relate to dreading — but still doing — cardio? —Jenn

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  1. Awww, I love MizFit. I had the pleasure of meeting her briefly at FitBloggin. I was told I would recognize her immediately by her massive biceps (that was sooooo true!) It was nice getting to read more about her here.

  2. Too bad she doesn’t like cardio. I LOVE it! My running, swimming, cycling, hiking, etc etc IS my play.
    It doesn’t guarantee health though. Nothing does. I have had graves disease, asthma, and arthritis.
    Hubby has had a hip replacement due to avascular necrosis (airborne jumps!) and Rheumatoid arthritis.
    But we continue to work out. It’s all fun. Gets me through the work day and give me energy for working with my special needs pre-schoolers!