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Getting Juiced: The Bella NutriPro Juicer

Bella NutriPro, juicing, cold press juicing

Back in March I wrote a post about juicing on Fit Bottomed Eats about the benefits of cold-pressing fruits and veggies into liquid yum. I was obsessed with that darn machine and was experimenting as much as I possibly could with new fruit and vegetable combinations. And I’m proud to say that four months later I’m still loving the Bella NutriPro just as much as I did then. (Disclosure: They sent me one to review!)

I know people complain about the clean up and time it takes to juice, which I admit can be a pain for many a fit bottom, but this bad girl can go into the dishwasher. SCORE! Even when you’re juicing multiple times a day (makes it hard to throw in a dishwasher when you need it again in three hours), the NutriPro is pretty darn easy to clean. It comes apart easily, and the parts are smooth and easy to wash by hand. I’d say the most time consuming part of juicing is prepping your fruits and veggies (you have to cut some things up, remove skin, etc.), but one thing I’ve learned from healthy eating is that some things are worth the time and effort — so it’s not really an issue for me.

I’ve had friends go through two, even three juicers. But my baby is still going strong! The NutriPro isn’t cheap (upwards of $200), but it comes with instructions that state which types of fruits and vegetables you can throw into the mix. I just love a product that gives you all the facts and offers up suggestions. The juicer comes with recipes for the newbies out there who have no clue what to juice for what benefit. They’ve basically thought of everything. I couldn’t be more happy with Ms. Bella. (That’s her name.) If you’ve been shopping around for a good juicer I recommend this one for sure!

My only complaints? I still haven’t learned what to do with the strainer that comes with the juicer. Are you supposed to strain your juice before drinking it to remove the extra pulp or leave that in? Also, I get bummed that I’m not thrifty enough to use the pulp for something. The site gives suggestions, but I’m not much of a baker and don’t have a garden for composting. Those aside, I’m pretty much enamored with this thing.

Do you have a juicer, and, if so, has it changed the way you spoil your body? If you don’t have one, is it something you’ve ever considered? —Tish

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