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Jenn Answers: You Might Be an FBG If…


Bonus answer No. 11: You love your salads enough to Instragram them, while wearing your Bob Harper T-shirt.

For this Question of the Week, we thought it would be fun if we each completed this statement: “You might be an FBG if…” And so we did — each putting our own unique spin on what things (funny and serious) might suggest that we’re an FBG.

Being an FBG has its quirks. And over the years, I’ve noticed a few things that I do that most people don’t tend to do or experience. Or, kind of look at me and sigh, as if to say: “There she goes again…” (Hey, it’s in my nature!) So, without further ado, here are my top 10 fill-in-the-blank answers!

You Might Be an FBG If… (Or, You Might Be a Lot Like FBG Jenn If…)

1. You consider a Friday evening splurge to be the hot bar and a kombucha from Whole Foods. So good — whee!

2. At all times you have a Gwen or No Doubt song on your workout playlist.

3. You recognize Trader Joe’s employees out and about town. You treat them like celebrities, pointing and whispering to your friends: “Do you know who that is?!”

4. Your glass recycling bin is filled exclusively with ghee jars, and kombucha and wine bottles.

5. You don’t take coffee breaks; you take foam-rolling breaks.

6. Your laundry is mostly made up of workout clothes. So is your wardrobe.

7. You go to your husband’s company’s happy hour with an open bar that’s within walking distance of your house, have one too many glasses of wine, and then come home and decide the only thing that will help is to eat a big ass salad. And so you drunkenly make one, and then spend the whole time while eating it declaring how AMAZING it is. Your husband agrees. Happily eats one, too.

8. When you see people out running, you feel the urge to high-five them.

9. When you’re out running, you feel the urge to high-five yourself.

10. Veggie puns get you. Every darn time.

Dear readers, tell me I’m not alone. You all do this, too, right? Let’s celebrate our healthy living quirks together! —Jenn

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