Make the Most of Pool Time with These Exercises

KIDS-pool-585My 16-month-old is in a bit of a clingy phase right now, much like my daughter was last summer. So instead of dropping him off at the gym daycare for a super-short workout session, I’ve just been taking both kids to the pool to cool off and play. Neither child is able to swim yet, so I obviously can’t go off and swim laps or even head to the deep end to tread water. But does that mean that I don’t try to sneak in exercise? Absolutely not! I’m the master of turning play time into workout time, so I’ve found exercises I can do while I’m in the shallow end with the kids or when I’m brave enough to head to deeper water with both of them. Sure, it’s not an hour of cardio, but head on over to Babble for the seven pool exercises you can do when you’ve got the kids at the pool! I can guarantee you’ll feel the burn.

It can be frustrating to feel like you have to put “real workouts” on hold, but it’s important to remember that every bit of activity really does count. Every stroller walk, every at-home workout that turns into the kids crawling under your planks or making your push-ups harder by sitting on you. But as a busy mom, just stay in the habit of trying to sneak exercise in whenever you can. That way, at least you won’t be starting from scratch when you finally do have an hour to dedicate to a gym workout!

Do you sneak in workouts at the pool? Try to stay in the fitness routine even if it means a few minutes of exercise? Erin

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