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Working—and Eating—From Home

Everyone warned me that if I started working from home I’d regret it…they said I would grow bored not having anyone to talk to and that I would most definitely gain weight from having a pantry so close by. The haters gonna hate. The potatoes gonna potate. What does that mean? You’re gonna do what comes natural to you no matter what environment you’re in. I had access to junk when I was at work, and I managed to stay away from the vending machines. The same applies at my spot. (Not that I keep vending-machine anything in this place! That’s just asking for stomach explosions here.) I’d say the only negative aspect to working from home full-time is getting in a food rut. I tend to have the same things day in, day out. (Well, at least for breakfast and lunch.) Here’s  a day in the life of a “Work From Home” belly.
For breakfast, I’ve done a smoothie for almost a year and that was getting played out, so lately I’ve switched it up. Jenn told me that an egg has 7 grams of protein (yeah, I didn’t know that before…another wrinkle for my young brain!), so I’ve been trying to do scrambles with two eggs each day. I have this weird aversion to eggs that I can’t quite put my finger on, though. I have to eat them pretty quick because I start to grow nauseated and can’t finish. It’s the weirdest thing. Lately I’ve been throwing in red peppers (I swear I could eat those things alone all day, every day!) and spinach. It’s tasty, quick and gets the job done.
breakfast, scramble, egg protein
Snacks! You’ve gotta have snacks! People keep waiting for me to get sick of apples with almond butter, but I just can’t get enough of the combination. I try to stay away from having peanut butter more than once a week, so almond butter is my perfect substitution. For some reason Trader Joe’s goes through cycles of not stocking the stuff—I swear my world grows dark during those periods. I have to stop myself from purchasing multiple jars of the stuff when they do have it, although I’m not sure why because it would help prevent total meltdowns when the droughts hit. Also—and I realize this is persnickety—but I only like Pink Lady apples. They’re sweet, crunchy and crisp.
almond butter, pink lady apple
You know how most people crave a sweet or something salty? I’m weird. My whole life I’ve had cravings for green. If I’m not feeling quite right…nauseated, sluggish…I’ll reach for something green and raw and go to town, and I usually perk up. Because of that weirdness, I pretty much have a salad every day. My hodge podge salads aren’t too creative. Sometimes I’ll add some jicama or something, but these are the ingredients I usually start with. You can’t go wrong with some hearts of palm. They’re magical. I love the texture and taste. I would eat those bad boys straight out of the jar by themselves if they weren’t so darn expensive. (Trader Joe’s carries them for $5.99 a jar. Just about kills me!) They’re a good source of protein, riboflavin, fiber, vitamin C, folate, calcium, iron, potassium and other goodies. Bad news: They also pack sodium. No eating copious amounts of the jar, Tish.
big ass salad, hearts of palm, avocado, greens, beets
My afternoon snack is usually a protein smoothie. I’m allergic to whey, so I buy plant-based protein powders, add half a banana, some blueberries, cinnamon, my rice milk and BOOM! I’m good until dinner. On this night, dinner was all about combining what my guy and I love—sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Sooo good separate…sooo magical when paired. I combined the two ingredients with some balsamic vinaigrette, a little salt, pepper and olive oil to my pan and voila! That side plus a steak on the grill was the perfect summertime din-din.
brussel sprouts, sweet potato
What about you? Do you find yourself eating pretty much the same thing day in and day out with slight variations? What do your daily delectables consist of? —Tish

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