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3 Products to Improve Your Recovery After a Tough Workout


Whether you’re training for a race or simply pushed it hard at the gym and are feeling the effects, we rounded up three new products that we are loving to help speed our recovery. From muscle-soreness relief to compression to getting an ice bath on the go (really!), they’re sure to help you get back out there sooner and stronger!

1. Zim’s Max-Freeze. You know the days of messy, stinky muscle and joint pain relief that left you walking around smelling like a medicine cabinet? Well, those days are over. Way over. If you’ve got a muscle on your body that’s giving you trouble, try Zim’s Max-Freeze for some relief with cooling action (we like the roll-on version best — just $10!). Made with naturally based ingredients like aloe, arnica, vitamin E and tea tree oil, it does not contain icky stuff such as parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrances. And, yes, it smells a bit when you first put it on, but that scent vanishes, leaving your pain-relieving secret weapon safe.

2. Juggler Knickers. Let’s face it: ice baths kind of suck, especially as temps cool down in the fall and the last thing you want to do after a run is jump in freezing water. Not to mention, who has time for that?! For those with similar thoughts, Juggler Knickers ($150) is kind of a cure-all. Combining the benefits of compression and the power of an ice bath in a single piece of gear, it’s the ultimate in multi-tasking. You actually wear these compression capris during your training and then — with strategically placed icing pockets and reusable ice inserts — you wear your “ice bath” after your run. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s even a thermal carrying bag so that you can transition from high-performance compression gear to an active recovery system in one simple step. Made of moisture-wicking and antibacterial fabric that has an SPF of 50, is there anything Juggle Knickers can’t do? We think not.

3. Arctic Ease. If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly yet effective and non-messy way to reduce inflammation, Arctic Ease ($16 — we like it in pink) is it. Acting as both a compression bandage and an ice pack, this wrap cools the skin to an optimal healing temperature of just about 59 degrees (which reduces reduces inflammation without triggering the body’s own defense mechanisms) without ice or refrigeration. You can wear the 60-inch wrap while working out, going to meetings, running errands, wherever. And best yet, it can be used eight to 10 times with proper care — and is recyclable!

What products do you love for helping you recover from long, tough workouts? —Jenn

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