Book Review: Train Your Brain to Get Thin (and a Giveaway!)

Are you using your brain’s full power to get healthy?

If you’ve been reading FBG for awhile, then you probably already know that self-love is an essential part of getting healthy and losing weight. Like, the most important thing EVA. And while that can sound a little hippity-dippity and very Stuart Smalley, it’s the truth. We know it from experience, and according to the new book Train Your Brain to Get Thin: Prime Your Gray Cells for Weight Loss, Wellness, and Exercise, the science backs it up. In fact, this whole book is about how you can use your thoughts to retrain your brain so that you make healthier decisions, and therefore lose any extra weight you’ve been carrying.

Heavier on the science than this book but not as chock full of research as this read, Train Your Brain to Get Thin strikes a nice balance of interesting facts, action items and a whole lot of cool info on the gray matter between your ears. We’ve long been interested in brain health (side note: This is another amazing read on the brain!), but this book gives a good overall description of how the brain works and then gives tips on how you can better use it and your thoughts to reach your goals.

You’ll learn about the different regions of the brain and what they do, how to outsmart your brain’s ancient ways of working (re: doing whatever it can to survive, or so it thinks), and how to begin to think and therefore behave in a way that will help you to overcome your perceived obstacles. With fun quizzes and tips on beating emotional and mindless eating, the book doesn’t have a program to follow per se — and you do have to be a bit of a science nerd to enjoy some of the more heady chapters and sidebars on brain science — but it is an interesting read to say the least.

There’s a lot of info in it that you’ve probably read before — what foods to eat, be more positive, set goals, for example — but you’ve probably never seen them presented in a way that so directly relates to why this is good for your brain and therefore your body. We didn’t have any Oprah-esque ah-ha moments while reading it, but it certainly makes sense and provides a stronger case for paying attention to your relationship with yourself. If you’re interested in the brain or want to really know the reasons behind WHY positive thinking, visualization and listening to your hunger works, this would be it.

Want to read this book? Leave us with a haiku or other poem why in the comments below, and we’ll select a random U.S. reader to win in about a week. The lucky winner will be notified in the comments and via email.

So start using those brains for something healthy — commenting to win a book to better your health! —Jenn


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  1. While getting fitter everyday
    My scale it just won’t budge,
    Crunch gym and kale chips all the way
    And yet still have this pudge.

    I know the rules for weight loss
    Clean and green and lean protein
    I need this book to be my boss
    So I can be a lean, mean, fit machine.

  2. With healthier choices
    Moving and grooving
    I shall strengthen my body
    Add in some brain training
    And I shall be unstoppable

  3. Very Interesting Book would be great if everyone who is trying to change their lifestyle to a more fit one used a book like this b/c the mindset is the biggest part needing modification to change ones lifestyle and make it permanent!

  4. -when your legs get tired, run with my heart.

    I read this earlier today looking for positive motivation on running, and absolutely love it.

  5. This excites the nerd in me
    I have to set my inner fit girl free
    It’s the mind-body connection
    This book is in my “to read” selection

  6. I’m on a mission to compete
    And my cellulite is not so neat.
    This book could help me win and look classy
    And defeat my pothole ass-y!

  7. I need this to train my brain, as I hit plateaus it is hard to break through. I don’t have a workout partner and exercise is boring, and I don’t always eat right! I NEED MOTIVATION!

  8. I am over fifty,
    being this weight isn’t nifty.
    just my luck as I am ready to hit send,
    this contest is already at an end.