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Don’t Get Between Me and My Sugar Snap Peas

You guys, I think I have a bit of a problem. I cannot put down the sugar snap peas. I ate a bag yesterday, and as I write this, I’m looking at the last two sugar snap peas in the bag I opened an hour ago. (They look lonely, like they want to join their friends. Who am I to keep them away from their SSP brethren?)
There’s literally nothing NOT to love. They have loads of vitamin C, a bit of iron, some fiber and protein, all while packing just a few calories (35 per serving, according to my baggie). And there’s no prep, aside from opening the bag (and washing, if yours aren’t pre-washed). At least, that’s the case for me because I just gobble them up raw. All of them. They’re like candy!
(Oh, and you know those three left in the bag I mentioned a minute ago? They’re gone. Nobody here is surprised.)

This bag lasted about another 20 minutes. That was with me showing restraint.

This bag lasted about another 20 minutes. That was with me showing restraint.

Now, sure, I’m a Fit Bottomed Girl, and while I like to eat healthfully as often as I can, I rarely turn down tasty, easy snacks if I’m hungry. Even if they’re terrible for me. I can really do a number on a bag of potato chips, is what I’m saying. But this past weekend, while at a beach volleyball tournament where everyone was chowing down on chips and Cheetos and whatnot, I just sat there smiling with a cup full of SSPs in hand, munching away. I didn’t even feel like I was being all virtuous or anything — I was just happy to be eating my new favorite snack.
(Now, if I’d also had some watermelon there, I probably would’ve been giggling happily, albeit a bit maniacally, alternating fistfuls of SSPs with juicy watermelon. Gah! They’re both SO FREAKING GOOD!)
If you ask me, the definition of a perfect food is one that’s a healthy choice that’s really, really easy to choose. SSPs, therefore? PERFECT.
sugar snap peas

ZOMG give me all the sugar snap peas! Quickly! Credit: alice_henneman, Flickr

Here’s my question to you: At some point, I’ll probably tire (at least a little) of chomping on them in their fresh and raw and zomg SO TASTY version. What recipes do you have that allow these delicious little gems to shine? I’m already planning to (buy a few more bags, and) chop them up to add them to my salads, but what other dishes do they work well in?
Are you as crazy about these scrumptious delights as I am? Do you think it’s weird to be this obsessed with a veggie? —Kristen

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