Experience the Beauty of Bollywood Dance With This Doonya Workout DVD Set

Doonya The Bolllywood Dance Workout

Doonya The Bolllywood Dance Workout

Dance has always been a key part of many cultures and personal expression, and many different types of dances have been made into workouts, like hip hop and even stripping. Ever since Bollywood dancing came on the scene, it has been fun to see this beautiful type of dance that combines many different cultural aspects be turned into an actual workout. So when Doonya hit us up with the opportunity to try its new Bollywood Dance Workout Three DVD Series, I was super excited to try it. I have always thought Bollywood dance was beautiful — and it can’t denied that those outfits are absolutely gorgeous.

The three different DVDs all have similar and unique qualities. Each DVD starts with an introduction to Doonya and to its creators and instructors Priya and Kajal. These two Bollywood dancers wanted people to be able to experience the joy of this type of dance style while also getting a thorough workout (who can argue with that?). These videos combine Indian dance moves with workout moves that you are probably already familiar with, like leg lifts and squats, but along with some hips swings and arm movements that make this workout DVD set unique.

Doonya Bollywood Dance Workout 1: Beginner Breakdown

When I first popped in this DVD, I was pumped to get started and get moving. After I watched the short introduction (about two minutes), I started the five-minute warm up, which had good instruction and was more fun than a lot of other warm-ups. Since I decided to go straight down the list of workouts, my next pick was the Basics Breakdown. Within this segment, Priya and Kajal teach you all the moves in the Bollywood “Say Na, Say Na” dance. There are four main styles of moves that you’re taught. Bollypop Steps was pretty easy to pick up. The flick step, which is where you push your weight onto one hip and flick your other foot, was my favorite move. Bhungra was my least favorite type of dance — I particularly wasn’t a fan of Bhungra shoulders and steps (which is similar to the Bolly tap in the Bollypop section). I liked Regional Village Style the best because I was actually moving around a lot. What was good about the Classical dance section? All of it! And a double yay for the bunny and flower moves that you do on your tippy toes where you move your hands into bunny ears facing in and then stretching the arms out.

Once you’re done with the Beginner Breakdown, the next choice is Learn a Dance, which was split into seven different short segments — or you could play it directly through (which I would recommend so you don’t continually have to go to your remote). What was extremely awesome about this segment was the bonus dance at the end. The dancers looked amazing and made this style of dancing seem so fun and original once you get the hang of it. There’s a cool down, too, which I liked the most because even though there wasn’t much movement, there was not as much talking. It was more about following the very easy steps and watching the instructors. If you have never done a Bollywood dance workout before, you would probably love this DVD. But if you aren’t a Bollywood dance newbie, you may be a little bored learning the basics. Although this was my least favorite DVD of the three, it easily had the best music.

Doonya Bollywood Dance Workout 2: Cardio Dance and Conditioning

In the Cardio Dance and Conditioning DVD you start with the exact same warm-up as the previous DVD and then follow with the Basics Drill Refresher, which is the exact same as the Basic Breakdown in the first DVD. Once you get past those two segments, you being the Dance Fitness Routine that’s composed of six different routines that vary in music and workout focus:

  1. Core
  2. Legs — This was my least favorite, although I don’t know why because legs are my favorite thing to work out and my favorite part of my body. Perhaps there was not enough challenge in it.
  3. High cardio — Was an easy favorite due to the fact that I love the feeling of catching my breath. Plus, it seemed to have more fun dance moves than any of the others.
  4. Cardio hips and abs
  5. High cardio and legs
  6. Cardio and core

You have the option of playing them all or choosing separate routines, which begins with a long introduction by Kajal (a talking fiend). Overall, this is a great fast-paced workout, and there is enough instruction before you get to it that they don’t need to pause a lot either. This DVD ends with the exact same cool down as the first DVD. All in all, this DVD’s workout and music came out in the middle for me.

Doonya Bollywood Dance Workout 3: Abs, Glutes, & Cardio

The Abs, Glutes, & Cardio DVD has the exact same warm-up as the first two DVDs, so it was very easy to catch onto (although a little variety would have been nice). The warm-up is followed by 10 minute of abs that you can choose to do with instruction and music or music only. Once again, there was lots of talking, but there were a lot of fun moves, especially the knee-to-elbow move, which is exactly how it sounds. My least favorite part was where you go into a plank position and you move your legs out and together — and then to double time. 12 Minute Abs has the same instruction and music or music only option. I liked the glute lifts best (and I felt the burn!), and there was never a dull moment. It was a blast to do! Lastly, before the cool down, was 16 Minute Cardio Express (instruction and music or music only) that is lead by Priya in the first part (and who I was particularly partial to). The moves were very simple but doing the throwing kicks was super fun, and you’ll look like a total bad-ass kickin’ the legs high in the air. The second part was led by Kajal (who has great energy), and the third part went back to being led by Priya. After ending with the same cool down as the other three DVDs you’re done! This DVD was my favorite by far — ironically enough since I liked its music least. Just goes to show you that there is so much more to a workout DVD than music!

FBG Rating (Out of 5):
Instruction: ★★★
Long-Term Likeability: ★★★
Music: ★★★★
Fun Factor: ★★★
Meets Expectations: ★
Overall: ★★★★

Fit Bottomed Line: Although there is a little too much instruction and repetition in the Doonya Bollywood Dance Workout DVDs, it’s super fun exercise for many different levels of dancers and fit peeps.

Do you have any interest in Bollywood dancing? Have you tired other Bollywood dance DVDs that other Fit Bottomed Girls might love? —Maria

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