Fit Tip Friday: Keeping Track of Your Shoes’ Mileage


Did you know that your running shoe has an expiration date? Most folks will tell you that a good shoe should last you around 300 miles. That being said, people go to some creative lengths to ensure they’re keeping track. I’ve never been good at keeping score though. If you ask me to write down my meal plans or workouts, I’ll probably go into fits of hysterics. For how organized I am, I just have issues with that stuff for some odd reason. Lucky for me and people like me, Nike has an app that keeps score for me.

I love, love, LOVE the Nike Running app! I’ve loved this darn thing ever since I was first introduced to it at a Nike event in Chicago. It’s clever, helpful and wonderful for making my fitness life a bit neater and more user-friendly. So check out my Friday Fit Tip again!

What about you? Do you have any tried and true ways of logging how much love your shoes are getting? —Tish

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  1. I take a permanent sharpie and write the first day I run in a pair of shoes on the “arch wall” (there is usually some white or light colored section). I write it on both pairs. Assuming I run 25 miles a week – pretty average, in three months they are at about the 300 mile mark.

    It’s not as exact as an app, but pretty easy. I use the second most recent pair for back up – like if I run twice in one day, if I know I’ll be on dirty roads or if it’s raining. After that they get relegated to yard work, walking, other purposes. (Important to label both shoes in the pair, in case you buy the same model again.)

    I ALWAYS have a pair of running shoes in the car (not just my car, “his” car, too.) You do not want to be broken down with a flat tire and have nothing but girly shoes or flip flops and they are better than work shoes or dress boots in winter situations, too.

  2. This post speaks volumes to me as I personally use this app daily. It comes with GPS, so if you’re for some reason running in an area you’re not familiar with you don’t get lost. Another cool feature is the pace tracker which keeps you at a steady pace so that you’re not underworking nor overdoing it.

    Something people with a busy schedule will appreciate is the timer within the app so you can have your time for running and quickly jump back into your regularly scheduled programming. Also something else I found useful is it tracks the amount of calories being burned(technology is getting bananas).

    You’ll love the pedometer. If you don’t know what this is; it’s a feature that counts the number of steps taken and distance traveled. Music is another cool feature to keep you company while climbing Mt Everest so to speak, and my personal favorite feature social media sharing so I can brag to my friends about what I’ve accomplished today(such a show-off)

    I’ve enjoyed this please keep up the fantastic posts.

    Kind Regards