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How to Get Back in the Workout Game Post-Sickness

So it’s been two weeks. I haven’t lifted a weight, ran a lick, and my body knows it. I huff and puff climbing the stairs in my home. The other day, I helped my fiance Mark with his boot camp. This usually means I get in there and work out with the women as a form of solidarity. I tried to do a warm-up lap, but the wheezing and lung-hacking was too much. I stopped before the first lap was even completed.

Getting back my strength and endurance won’t be easy, but it will happen. I know this weird bug that I caught is going around. Lots of my friends are falling from its nastiness. That being said, if you get it or had it, you must remember to be kind to yourself when it’s time to get back some of your workout rhythm.

Mark recommends taking it super easy your first week. Starting this week, I’ve been advised to reduce the amounts of sets I do (only two). Instead of two-mile interval runs, I’m only doing one mile. The thing is, to truly be a fit bottomed gal, you have to start listening to what is right for your body. There’s no pushing yourself into fitting an idea society has deemed acceptable. You’ll end up remaining sick longer or even worse, injuring yourself and really being out of the game for a long time.


Know when to rest! Credit By: jafsegal, Flickr

Be kind. Be cognizant. Be honest. If you need specific modifications for getting back your workout mojo then respond in the comments! I’ll have Mark take a look and help you out. He’s pretty frickin’ wonderful like that. —Tish

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