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Kristen Answers: You Might Be an FBG If …

For this Question of the Week, we thought it would be fun if we each completed this statement: “You might be an FBG if…” And so we did — each putting our own unique spin on what things (funny and serious) might suggest that we’re an FBG.

You might also be an FBG if you whisper sweet nothings to your bike and miss her when you have to go places without her. "Oh, Salsa would've LOVED these hills ..."

You might also be an FBG if you whisper sweet nothings to your bike and miss her when you have to go places without her. “Oh, Salsa would’ve LOVED these hills …”

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve loved reading everyone’s answers to the question. That’s the good and the bad part of going last, I guess — I get all kinds of inspiration, but I have to be careful not to just answer: “See Jenn, Erin and Tish’s answers.” I mean, between the three of them, they’ve pretty much covered it all.


It took surprisingly little soul searching to come up with my own list. (Well, obviously, since I listed even more things than Erin!) And to be honest? I had to force myself to stop. This list of 18 could have easily, easily become a list of 28, or 38, or 88.

(You might be an FBG if basically everything about you is something you’d put on a list finishing the sentence, “You might be an FBG if …” Oy.)

Anyway. Hang in there with me, because I thought this was a lot of fun, and I’m hopeful it is for you, too!

You Might Be an FBG If…

1. You think it’s fun — yes, really — to see just how many greens you can fit into your smoothie before it starts to taste, umm, green.

2. You schedule vacations around races rather than the other way around.

3. You make travel plans based on the physical, healthy activities available more so than, say, how close they are to normal tourist attractions, and you wouldn’t dream of leaving town without your sneakers and a sports bra.

4. You love big, fashionable sunglasses, but you make sure they’ll stay in place when you sweat and won’t fog up because, hey, you never know when you might get pulled into an impromptu beach volleyball session!

5. You love your foam roller with the fiery heat of a thousand suns.

6. You hate your foam roller with the fiery heat of a thousand suns.

7. Your shopping cart at the grocery store often garners comments like, “So, you really like salads and smoothies, huh?”

8. You have a five-minute conversation with the Trader Joe’s employee ringing you up about how freaking awesome chia seeds are.

9. You don’t think there’s such a thing as too big a big-ass salad until you make one, but then you’re still pretty geeked because, hey, leftovers!

10. You don’t know how you lived before you discovered sugar snap peas.

11. You find a strong correlation between things that make you think, “Oh my god, that was so challenging,” and “Oh my god, I loved that so much.”

12. You’re always discovering new favorite ways to get sweaty and fit.

13. You’re always telling people all about your new, favorite ways to get sweaty and fit (and encouraging them to join you!).

14. You’re totally into working out or running or swimming in a group setting, but you fully understand the benefit of going it alone now and again.

15. You feel actual pity for people who don’t get as excited about their food as you do. I mean, come on — sometimes a salad or an egg scramble or a roasted vegetable is legitimately amazing.

16. You sometimes make notes about how incredibly delicious your smoothie/salad/[insert healthy dish here] is so you can remember how much you loved it the next time you’re tempted to grab something junky.

17. You have a whole separate drawer for workout leggings. What? When you do what I do for a living, those are also work clothes, so a pair of $90 yoga capris is a totally smart investment.

18. You have two standard answers for people when they ask you if you’ve tried some cool new workout: Either, “Yes, I tried that!” or “No, let’s try that!”

Sound about right? —Kristen

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