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On the Boulevard (Tour)

In my opinion, it’s not a special event without a good meal. So when I wanted to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad a few months back, we decided to make a whole foodie day out of it, including brunch, cocktails and a brewery tour at Boulevard Brewing Co. (Kind of like what we did for my mom, but beer-themed!) We began at what is my current favorite brunch spot in town: The Farmhouse in River Market.
With a rustic feel and a farm-to-table philosophy, I dig this place. Hard. So, of course, Ryan and I want to share it with those we love. And, thankfully, my parents are receptive to both eating adventures and photos.
We began brunch with French press coffee.
And it deserves another shot because I swear it’s some of the best in town. So rich and dark and OMG, I want it. (Side note: our table went through two whole French presses — too good for just one!)
Their menu is seasonal and always changing, plus they usually have a special or two (if it’s not sold out by the time you get there). I went with the pork chop with beets (whee!), roasted asparagus and these potatoes that were ridiculous. It was a huge plate of deliciousness.
I made good progress on it though. Talk about a full belly!
From there, we walked/waddled on over to the River Market area to check out the farmer’s market and this amazing international food store. Filled with all kinds of stuff that I can’t pronounce let alone know how to cook, we had a blast walking around. So many exciting packages, fruits and veggies I’d never seen. I will go back.
Seeing that our brewery tour didn’t start for a little bit — and it was pretty dang hot out — we decided to cool off with a cocktail at the fab old-school bar Harry’s Country Club. My dad went for beer, my mom a vodka tonic, Ryan a whiskey and me? Well, I ordered a greyhound. (Another side note: I’m obsessed with grapefruit juice. And I love how refreshing it is when paired with vodka. Not too sweet!)
Then it was off to Boulevard Brewing Co.!
Boulevard Boulevard. Cute.
Boulevard offers free tours — tickets are first come, first serve.
And the tour is great! We learned about the brewing process, saw their brewing and bottling facilities, and learned all about how Boulevard came to be.
I love learning how companies got started — from an idea to this!
I can’t drink their beer now due to the gluten, but I know from past “experience” that it’s DELICIOUS. If you can get it in your area (Boulevard reaches most of the country now), do it. Drink it. In moderation, of course. (Or, at least with a DD.)
The tour’s last stop was in the tasting room. I mean, the whole tour was awesome, but obviously this is the best part of it. And while you could taste lots of Boulevard beer (my dad got all of my free-taste tokens!), they also let us try a little of their Cab Franc, which they only sell onsite. It’s a long story on why they also produce wine, but I appreciate the g-free option nonetheless.
Although a little sweet for my taste, we certainly had fun trying it!
And, really, what a beautiful day to celebrate!
A few hours later, once Ryan and I finally got hungry again (those pork chops had staying power!), we whipped up a quick spinach and goat cheese frittata, relaxed with a little TV and hit the hay pretty early for a Saturday night.
Brunch and beer touring … talk about hard work!
Have you ever been on a brewery tour? Do you mark special occassions with foodie adventures, too? —Jenn

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