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6 Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

Crave these every afternoon? We have tips to beat those pesky sugar cravings! Credit: mauren veras, Flickr

Crave these every afternoon? We have tips to beat those pesky sugar cravings! Credit: mauren veras, Flickr

Got a bit of a sweet tooth? Tempted by the ol’ work-place candy jar when the bell tolls 3 p.m.? Can’t seem to stop at just one cookie (even if they are healthy)? Well, then you, my dear friend, may suffer from sugar cravings. And while sugar can be super addictive, there are some ways to beat sugar to its punch. Read on for six tips that personal trainer to the stars Jéan LK of Timed Fitness uses to beat those daily sugar cravings and stay strong when the afternoon fatigue strikes!

How to Beat Sugar Cravings

1. Eat more protein. Our cortisol levels dip in preparation for the end of the day, so we crave foods that provide energy, says Jean. Sugar cravings may be due to lack of protein, like fish, meat or poultry. Protein helps balance blood-sugar levels, so have some at each meal.
2. Cut out the caffeine sweeteners and additives. Avoid caffeine, artificial sweeteners and additives. These all raise insulin levels, which will quickly fall, leaving you tired and hungry. When buying lunch, check the label to ensure the ingredients are natural. Limit caffeinated drinks to one a day and have them earlier rather than later.
3. Use the magic powers of coconut oil. Cook your evening meal with coconut oil, which reduces sugar cravings by bypassing digestion. The particles are so small, they are absorbed immediately and head straight to the bloodstream to prevent you from feeling hungry and stop you wanting that after-dinner chocolate fix. Use it for stir-fries, omelettes or even salads!
4. Drink green tea. Green tea contains catechins, an antioxidant that stops blood sugar from rising rapidly and helps the body dispose of sugar and glucose. This makes it great for curbing cravings. Choose a loose-leaf tea and leave it to brew for five minutes.
5. Have a low-GI snack. Around 3 p.m. is a good time for a snack, and this will help get the body through the afternoon slump. Ideally go for a low-GI snack, like a pear or a bowl of fresh berries and nuts.
6. Find 30 minutes in your day to do some exercise. Aim for 30 minutes of daily exercise. This could be a gym session before work, a lunchtime Spin class or a brisk walk home. After working out, our muscles need nutrients to recover so they will absorb excess sugar — lowering the overall level of sugar in the blood.
Are you a sugar addict? How do you beat sugar cravings? And a big thanks to Jéan LK for the tips! —Jenn

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  1. Kirsten L says:

    Hi – good advice but just wondering how #2 and #4 don’t contradict each other. Green tea may not have as much caffeine as coffee but it is still in there? Does caffeine really make that much of a difference? Thx!

    1. Jenn says:

      Good point, Kirsten! Green tea has much less caffeine, and therefore less of the potential of an energy crash later (which could cause you to reach for “energy” — aka sugar). That make more sense? Here’s a bit more on the caffeine content in tea vs. coffee! 🙂

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