A Healthy Honeymoon?

I know, I know. “Healthy” and “honeymoon” usually don’t appear in the same sentence together, but after the sickness that I so lovingly like to refer to as the plague, I’m a bit scared to go without a good sweat for too long a period of time.

Usually I’d join the love club and get my grub and relaxation on, but like I mentioned in a past post, I’m an FBG and we have tendencies. My tendencies and FBG good luck led me to  Travaasa Resort — a resort that provides oodles and oodles of active goodies to choose from — as our honeymoon spot. Yoga is offered throughout the day as well as circuit training. There are walks on the beach, Bosu ball workouts, aqua aerobics, boot camps, core workouts and meditations. What?!

travaasa resort meditation

Doesn’t every bride seek a little solitude and meditation after the big day? Credit: Travaasa

I wish I could say that I alone chose this resort because I’m a honeymoon travel whisperer, but alas, I am far from an expert. However, I am lucky! A couple of months ago I attended a snazzy event at a spa in LA that was promoting the Travaasa resorts in Hana and Austin, TX . I was enjoying the event immensely; trying out the foods, losing consciousness in the massage area and meeting some great people. It was one such awesome soul who found out that Mark and I were researching honeymoon spots and sent us a free, three-night stay at Travaasa. Talk about love, luck and serendipity! With the room taken care of, all we have to worry about is food, spa and activities.

And, oh, the activities we want to do! Remember, after you work out long enough, it becomes a part of your normal day-to-day activities, so all of  those activities sound absolutely wonderful to me. Honeymoons are expensive and sweating in the Hawaiian breeze is even more expensive, so we’ll see what we’re able to do on our budget.

I’m laughing at myself that these are the things I’m concerned about on the honeymoon. So romantic, I know.

travaasa, circuit training, travel, honeymoon

Here’s hoping we get some circuit training in while we’re there! Credit: Travaasa

So I ask all my lovely FBGs who comply to (little) budgets: How do you remain active on vacation? And for all my Fit Bottomed Brides, did you stay active on your honeymoon or let it all go in the spirit of love and leisure? —Tish

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  1. Tine says:

    We went to Scotland on our honeymoon. Did lots and lots of walking together. Some more adventurous than others. We climbed a giant cliff, chased sheep and fell in a river.

    Somehow I think the time we spent together would have been a lot less meaningful if we had just been lying somewhere on a beach next to each other…

    But maybe that’s just crazy me 😀

  2. I have been creeping on Travaasa in Austin as a potential honeymoon spot! This makes me want to go even more!!

    – Rachel

  3. Tish says:

    Do it @Rachel !!! They are soooo lovely. I want to visit that one next 🙂 Texas trip is in my future!

  4. That resort sounds fantastic, beautiful scenery. That tree is amazing!

  5. While on vacation, I try to at least make it for a run every morning. Gets my day going and I feel refreshed.

  6. Andrea says:

    We went rock climbing in Thailand on our honeymoon 🙂

  7. Steph says:

    I’ve never thought of a healthy honeymoon. Thanks for the suggestion!