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A Training, Time and Superfoods Brain Dump

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The best time to work out? Whenever you can! Credit: lululemon athletica, Flickr

I have about 50 things to cover with this post so just bear with my jumbled brain dump here. First of all, I have an exciting announcement tomorrow over on Fit Bottomed Girls about a Major Event I’ll be doing mid-October. It’s a big one, and I have been training like I haven’t trained in a couple of years. I learned I was going to be doing it only six weeks in advance, so I am finding all of the spare minutes I can do get moving, hit the gym and work as hard as I can so I survive the event. That being said, this post I wrote over on Babble is SUPER timely for me (har har).

I have had to assess each day to determine when I can possibly hit the gym or when I can possibly get some mileage in. It takes a lot of planning, and with kids, all good plans go awry. My daughter is an old pro at the gym daycare by now, but we’re still working on the separation anxiety with my 18-month-old. He was great for a few days — letting me get in 45-minute workouts — but then we backslid a bit, and there are days when I get a call 5 or 20 minutes into a workout.

Inspired by my new fitness endeavor, I have been all about the protein smoothie lately, as breakfast or part of my lunch. I pack that puppy with superfoods galore — avocado, Greek yogurt, spinach, frozen fruits, chia seeds. It’s different every day, but it’s always delicious. I’ve made a smoothie addict out of my son — so much so that he freaks out if he so much as sees me get the blender. My daughter refuses to try my “iced tea,” so, more for us! And can I just say, I feel fantastic? With all of the goodness I pack in there, it keeps me full for hours. It even makes me delay my coffee … which is really showing its super powers! But speaking of superfoods with super powers, it’s Superfoods Week over on Fit Bottomed Eats, so go get inspired over there this week. I’ll be looking to see what other foods I can stuff into my super smoothies …

But back to time. If you’re having a hard time finding that window of workout opportunity, read on. Time seems to be the biggest of all roadblocks when it comes to working out, so here are nine spots to look in your day when you find yourself saying that you just don’t have the time.

Workout Opportunity 1: Before Anyone Wakes Up

Try to beat your kids to the punch and get your workout in before they wake up for the day. This way you have uninterrupted time for a workout, you get going before the demands of the day begin, and if you get to shower, too, you’re all set for the day. Beware of accidentally waking the kiddos up as you head out to work out, though. Not only does that make your workout tougher (or impossible) to complete, but it’s an extra hour of keeping them occupied and happy tacked onto your day!

Read on for more times in your day you may be able to squeeze in some sweat! Erin

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