Ask the FBGs: New Workout DVDs Suggestions and Must-Haves for a Home Gym

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Good afternoon FBGs,

About a year ago, I asked about general information regarding starting my fitness journey. I was so very pleased with your answer, I’m back again. This is my newest and greatest attempt. I was doing so well for a while — that is until my fiance got a new job in a totally new area, which resulted in us living separately for a while, with me looking for a house, packing and moving all of our stuff on my own. It was a pretty trying time for me, and I just fell off the fitness bandwagon. I have been doing very well, however, over the last few weeks. I’ve been making sure to eat well and within proper proportions, as well as getting in few miles a week, along with doing different workout DVDs. I have been keeping a fitness journal, and sharing information and photos with my friends and family via Facebook and Instagram.

I am a person who tends to enjoy a lot of variety, especially in my workouts. I have been using The Spark People Fit Firm and Fired Up and The 28 Day Boot Camp, and the Marisa Tomei Core and Curves, and I am finding myself slightly burned out with these. I still like to do them, but some days I just feel like I don’t put as much effort into them anymore. Do you have any suggestions of other beginner-style DVD besides the ones for this top 10 list?

Also, I am attempting to put together my own little home gym of sorts, since we now live in the middle of nowhere and an actual gym is out of the question. So far I have stocked it with both 3- and 5-pound dumbbells, resistance bands, a stability ball and a yoga mat. Is there anything else that you would suggest as a must-have? One of my family members has a Treadclimber they are going to donate to my cause, which I should have in a few weeks.

I am always going through reviews and articles on FBG, as well as Pinterest. I am just trying to provide myself with as much knowledge as possible to help myself succeed in the short- and-long term goals I have set. I can’t wait to hear what you might have for me. Thank you as always for taking the time to read and reply to my questions. I really appreciate all of the work you guys do to help others in their fitness goals.

Best regards,


Hi Ashley,

Girlfriend, you are no longer a beginner! With all the working out you’ve been doing, it is time to take it up a notch! Say hello to our intermediate best-of workout DVDs list. These might be just the little something you need to get going again! New workouts are always exciting, and when you switch things up, you get better results.

We love that you’re building a home gym, too! Sounds like you have the basics covered, but consider adding a couple sets of heavier dumbbells, a kettlebell, an interval timer and even a few of these CrossFit-inspired goodies. The more you have to play with, the more creative you can be with your workouts. With your new fun tools, you can easily do a Tabata workout or another interval-based workout like this one. Also, consider trying a fun interactive workout tool like these cards. There are so many options! And we’re always adding new fun workouts to try and things that we’ve done here.

Excited about all the different options? Yay! Now go read this post, and set up your new amazing workout schedule! Then let us know how it’s going.


—The FBGs

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  1. A balance board is nice to have. Working on balance is always good for any other sport or activity you do. Here’s a nice, inexpensive one, about $18:

    If you get really interested in working on balance, I have a Bongo Board available if you’re interested. It’s MUCH harder than the balance board above. I’ll send it to you for the price of shipping.