Could You Give Up Your Morning Coffee?

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Could give up your morning coffee for a spray? Credit: chichacha, Flickr

It’s a rare night that my sleep doesn’t get interrupted. One kid or the other wakes up, and I rush to tend to the problem child, lest the other sleeping beast wake up, too. Or my daughter comes in to sleep perpendicularly between my husband and me, and then tells us we’re in her way. Mornings I wake up refreshed and ready to start the day? Rare.

So as soon as the kids’ breakfast hits the table, I head over to to say hi to Mr. Coffee. He’s my faithful morning companion, a comforting ritual that helps me wake up and prepare for the day. I’ve been a coffee drinker for most of my adult life, but never have I loved my morning cup of Joe more than I do now as a parent. I desperately need that caffeine kick to get going some days. But now, there’s a new product out there that can give you that kick without waiting for that coffee pot to fill up drip by drip: sprayable caffeine.

Intrigued by sprayable energy? Click on to read more, including the reactions of some who’ve tried it. It’s interesting even if you could never give up that morning cup of coffee!Erin

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  1. sistersister says:

    As you mentioned, it’s not just the caffeine. Morning coffee is a ritual and that’s why I could never transition to a spray.

  2. SanneI says:

    I could never give up my morning coffee, and I dont want to. Im not drinking coffee because of the caffeine, but because I love it! Its my last bad habbit, having quit smooking and eating fatty or suggary foods, and I will allow my self to keep it 😀